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Here you will find a large selection of bags and luggage options. What better way to protect your new snowboard or ski kit than with tailor made bags, that will support and protect your equipment. You can also find trendy bags and practical back-packs for every type of trip. Use the filters on the left hand side to find the right bag to suit your needs and style.

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Dakine POV Case Tabor 2017

The POV case is here to protect your action camera.

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Dakine DLX POV Case Tabor 2017

Great for your GoPro or other action camera. Keeps your accessories tidy.

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Dakine Snowboard Bag Tour Bag 2017

Fully padded and roomy shoulder bag that will keep your snowboard equipment safe.


Dakine Snowboard Bag Low Roller 2017

The Low roller is in our opinion, the best value for money snowboard bag.


Dakine Snowboard Bag High Roller 165cm Wheeled Board Bag 2017

The high roller is perfect for the Snowboarder that is traveling with more than one snowboard.


Dakine Ski Bag Concourse Double 2017

The Concourse Double is the ultimate Ski travel bag. Will hold your equipment safe and secure when in transit.


Dakine Ski Bag Fall Line Double 175-190cm 2017

This is the best selling Ski bag at The Board Basement. The Fall Line double will keep your Ski equipment secure.


Dakine Snowboard Bag Pipe 2017

The Pipe bag is a basic sleeve type board bag. It is easy to carry around but not padded.


Dakine Luggage Womens Split Roller 85L 2017

Super popular travel bag with split level design. This is the smaller 85L female design version. If you need more room, check out the 110L.


Dakine Luggage Womens Split Roller 110L 2017

Super popular travel bag that is now improved and bigger. This is the 110L female design version.


Dakine Luggage Split Roller 85L 2017

The smaller version of the Split Roller. Now at 85L. This could be the best travel luggage bag available.


Dakine Luggage Split Roller 110L 2017

Split level compartment. This Hybrid soft luggage is mega popular and the new version is even better and bigger.


Dakine Backpack Womens Heli Pro 20L 2017

A slimmer female version of the popular Heli Pro backpack.


Dakine Boot Pack 50L 2017

Not just for youski or Snowboard boots. This backpack has got room for your helmet as well.


Dakine Boot Bag 30L 2017

Fits Ski or Snowboard boots. The product name is a give away.


Dakine Backpack Heli Pro DLX 24L 2017

The deluxe version of the Heli Pro is big with room for all your mountain accessories and toys.


Dakine Backpack Heli Pro 20L 2017

This versitile Snowboard & Ski Backpack as got all the features you can possible need. And if it is not enough, check out the DLX version.


Dakine Backpack Heli Pack 12L 2017

The Heli Pack 12L is the best selling backpack at The Board Basement. Got all the features you need.


Dakine Backpack Womens Heli Pack 12L 2017

Low profile backpack that has got most features you need. The female version is slimmer and better suited for a smaller person.


Dakine Amp 18L Bike Backpack with Hydration 2016 Red Rock Blaze

With a mesh back the Amp 18L keeps you cool while riding.

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Dakine Drafter 12L Bike Backpack with Hydration 2016 Peatland

12L trail bags with built in hydration.

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Dakine Shuttle 6L Bike Backpack with Hydration 2016 Red rock

small lightweight and comes with a 2L Hydration bladder.

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Dakine Session 12L Bike Backpack with Hydration 2016 Moroccan

A bike specific pack with a 2L Hydraytor built in.

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Ride Kicker Pack Backpack 2016 Black 15L

Ride Kicker Pack Backpack 2016 Black 15L

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Ride Blackened Snowboard Bag 2016

Blackened in the end!


Ride Phantom Roller 2016 Black

The Perfect companion for those going around the globe.

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K2 Basic Board Sleeve 2012

Basic sleeve offering more protection than air.


K2 Padded Board Bag 2016

Fully padded board for all you fun stuff.


Ride Bad Seed Board Sleeve 2016 Black

Now your choking, on a bad seed!

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