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Sanuk | Sandals & Flip Flops | Sidewalk Surfers

Sanuk was founded by Southern California native Jeff Kelley, Sanuk provides creatively inspired yet distinctively designed footwear products for the global outdoor community. Taking its name from the Thai word for fun, Sanuk strives to make innovative products that are as much about funk as they are about function. Sanuk is best known for its Sidewalk Surfers, referred to as ?Not-A-Shoe? for their comfort and patented sandal construction that allows feet to bend and flex naturally. One of the most popular brand amongst our customers and the Board Basement crew. Do not forget to Smile!... and pass it on...

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Sanuk Vista Sandals Flip Flops

A new style from Sanuk the lace up Vista


Sanuk Donna Tribal Womens Sandals

Custom printed tribal upper in the shape of the popular Donna sandal


Sanuk Donna Polo Womens Sandals

Printed striped upper with asymmetrical vamp


Sanuk Womens Sandals Slim Fraidy Flip Flops

Slim frayed canvas strap with terri cloth lining.


Sanuk Sandals Latitude Flip Flops

Vegan nubuck Strap with decorative accent stitch


Sanuk Sandals Fraid Not Flip Flops

Super Soft, High Rebound EVA Footbed with Premium Suede Sockliner


Sanuk Sandals Fault Line Flip Flops

There is nothing wrong with the Fault Line flip flop


Sanuk Sandals Dr Fray Flip Flops

Frayed canvas and chambray strap with brushed jersey lining


Sanuk Sandals Beer Cozy Flip Flops

Super comfortable footbed made from real yoga mat.


Sanuk Womens Hot Dotty 2015

Connect all the dots and smile

£33.00 to £38.50

Sanuk Sideline Boat Shoes 2015

Slip inside the sideline slip on and smile


Sanuk Offshore Shoes 2015

Boat Shoe insipred Sanuk sandal with 2 eyelets detailing


Sanuk Mortimer Natural Palms Boat Shoes

Part of the new Sanuk Boulevard collection


Sanuk Womens Fiona Sandals 2015

These can definitely make fetch happen!

£33.00 to £35.00

Sanuk Commadore Slip On Boat Shoes 2015

Canvas upper with vamp seam detail, canvas mudguard, and custom print canvas lining


Sanuk Cassius Camo Tiger Camo Rust 2015

These shoes are never uncomfortable


Sanuk Womens Donna Mixed Up 2015

Mix it up with the fresh Donna style


Sanuk Womens Pick Pocket Tee Berry Stripes 2015

Keep your stash and cash hidden inside your sandals


Sanuk Admiral Boat Shoes 2015

These Sanuks will float your boat


Sanuk Hemp Sandals Flip Flop 2015

Hemp, its eco friendly!


Sanuk Chiba Sandals Flip Flop 2015

A relaxed shoe whith more rounded look


Sanuk Chiba Stitched Dark Brown Sandals Flip Flop 2015

Durable heavy canvas upper with frayed edge and soft canvas lining


Sanuk Vagabond Sandals Flip Flop

The Classic sanuk the vagabond


Sanuk Donna Womens Flip Flop Sandals 2015

The Donna is ready for the summer


Sanuk Mens Pick Pocket Sandals Sidewalk Surfers

Comfortable sandal with secret stash pocket. Available in a range of different colours


Sanuk Mens Pave The Wave Flip Flops

Comfortable flip flops with detail stitch and poncho lining

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