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Mens Snowboard Boots

The Board Basement sells a wide range of Mens snowboarding boots at discounted prices. From great brands including: Vans Snowboard Boots, ThirtyTwo Snowboard Boots, K2 Snowboard Boots. From snowboard boots with laces to Boa Systems and Quick Lace, all are genuine and brand new in box unless specified. Please note that all sizes listed are UK sizes but you can switch to US or EU sizes if needed. To find your size or prefered flex rating; use the filters on the left hand side. Please feel free to contact us for advice on what to go for.

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Snowboard boots are the most important equipment in your snowboard set up, and definitely the item that you should buy first or spend the most money on. Uncomfortable boots can ruin a day on the mountain so it is essential to get them just right! The Board Basement crew are experts in fitting snowboard boots, so here is our guide to getting the best fit...

The Board Basement Guide to Buying the Right Size Snowboard Boot

Before you buy:

If you can go to a shop, please do

Even if you are going to buy the boots online, if you can it is a good idea to try them on in a shop first. Sizes and shapes of boots vary between brands and season. For example: Vans Snowboard Boots used to suit a wider foot but has for the last season's become narrower.

Prepare your feet!

Cut your toenails and take a pair of snowboard socks with you so you can get a realistic fit. Don't use more than 1 pair of socks when riding. Your feet will be too hot and uncomfortable. If it's really cold conditions, then get some warmer socks.

Be open-minded!

Brace yourself to try on a lot of Snowboard Boots of all different shapes, styles and sizes to get a good comparison. Don't disregard a boot if it isn't a nice colour, it might be your perfect one! Be prepared for the fact that snowboard boots will feel very different to your trainers, it is more like trying on a pair of walking boots

Fitting Snowboard Boots:

Undo the lacing system fully; slide your foot in whilst standing up. Make sure it's firmly in and do the lacing system up tightly. New snowboard boots should feel very snug around your whole foot, but not painful. Your snowboard boot will "pack out" ever so slightly, so its best to get them a little tight rather than too big. Most modern boots will mould to your foot so the snugger the better when you buy new. Please bare in mind that snowboard boots will take a few days of riding before they break in properly.

Whilst standing up in the "snowboard position" assess these 3 things (knees slightly bent as in riding position):

1) Length

Standing with you legs straight, your toes can be touching the end, but only just, there should be little to no pressure on them. Tap your heel on the floor and then when you bend your knees further into the snowboard riding position, your toes should move away slightly from the end. Bear in mind that when you strap into board the binding will also pull you heel further into the boot

2) Heel lift

Whilst bending your legs, try rocking on the ball of your foot. Your heel should lift up no further than 5mm.You do not want heel lift as this will put pressure on your Achilles Tendon. The boot should move as if it is part of your foot. This will help with control when riding. They should enclose your heel so it feels supported and no "sloppy" feeling.

3) Width

There should be no movement from side to side in your boot - if there is, the boot is too wide. On the flipside, you should also beware of "Knuckle Crush"! This is the Board Basement's very technical term to describe boots that are too tight across the ball of the foot. This can result in a very painful day snowboarding and numbness!

We recommend to keep the boots on and walk around for a several minutes to get a true impression of the fit. If you start to get cramp or numbness in this time, then try a different size boot. If it feels tight, then that is good. Specific localised pain points are bad. You should double check the tongue is in the right place as this can lead to pain points

Finally, once you have bought the boots, wear them around the house for a few hours. Again they should feel tight but there should be no specific pain points. If you do have pain, this will be worse on the slopes

Flex Rating:

Use our "Flex Rating" filter, which will tell you how stiff/ soft the Snowboard Boots are. These range from 1-10 (10 being the stiffest). How stiff/soft you like your boots is really down to personal preference and what type of snowboarder you are. But as a general guide:

  • All-Mountain (most riders) = soft/medium flex 3-7
  • Freestyle (park) = soft flex 1-5
  • Freeride (off-piste) = stiffflex 6-10
  • Racers = stiff flex 7-10

For beginners and freestyle riders, a softer boot is a good option while more experienced riders who want more control and supportive boot may opt for a stiffer boot.

Different Lacing Systems

Again this can all be down to personal preference. There are pros and cons to each system so just experiment and see what works best for you. It's a good idea to get used to the boots before you put them into action on the slopes. Again wear your new boots around the house, watch TV and cook some dinner, or even go up and down the stairs a few times! You may feel stupid, but this is a great way for your feet to get accustomed to wearing new snowboard boots and will help with the breaking in process.

Traditional Lacing

The original tried and tested system. Tightness can be customised by hand, although can be awkward to adjust on the mountain with gloves on. Your feet will change size during the day, getting bigger as the day wears on so you may find you need to adjust the laces a couple of times during the day

Boa Lacing System

The Boa System is really quick, convenient and easy to adjust. The circular dial is a good system for beginners as you can adjust the boot easily on the mountain without needing to take you glove off. The only downside being they can be fiddly to replace if they break, which is very occasionally and any decent shop should be able to do this for you. Twin BOA boots give even more adjustability and allows you to adjust top and bottom differently, which can help people with high arches. Some boots takes it to the extreme with Triple Boa's. The Triple Boa tends to be very stiff and aimed to the riders that want the ultimate support. Just spin the wheel to get your custom fit.

Fast lacing system

Works on simultaneously tightening 2 areas around the foot for a good fit similar to the twin BOA system. Although can be a little confusing at the start on how to work them! Faster than normal laces and gives you a little bit more custom tension.

Combined lacing system

The combined lacing system simply gives you a combination off Laces, Boa and Speed Laces. This can give you the best of two worlds. Where laces might not hold your heel in place, an added boa system that focus on the arch might do the trick and hold it place.

Vans 2.5 34.5 3.5
3 35 4
3.5 36 4.5
4 36.5 5
4.5 37 5.5
5 38 6
5.5 38.5 6.5
6 39 7
6.5 40 7.5
7 40.5 8
7.5 41 8.5
8 42 9
8.5 42.5 9.5
9 43 10
9.5 44 10.5
10 44.5 11
10.5 45 11.5
11 46 12
12 47 13
13 48 14
14 49 15
15 50 16
Thirty Two 4 37 5 23
4.5 37.5 5.5 23.5
5 38 6 24
5.5 38.5 6.5 24.5
6 39 7 25
6.5 40 7.5 25.5
7 41 8 26
7.5 41.5 8.5 26.5
8 42 9 27
8.5 42.5 9.5 27.5
9 43 10 28
9.5 44 10.5 28.5
10 45 11 29
10.5 45.5 11.5 29.5
11 46 12 30
12 47 13 31
13 48 14 32.5
14 49 15 33
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Thirtytwo 32 Prion Sample Snowboard Boots 2015 UK 8

Thirtytwo 32 Prion Sample Snowboard Boots 2015 UK 8

BlackBlack-WhiteCrab Grab

ThirtyTwo 32 Lashed Sample Snowboard Boots 2015 UK 8

ThirtyTwo 32 Lashed Sample Snowboard Boots 2015


ThirtyTwo 32 Lashed Fast Track Sample Mens Snowboard Boots 2015 UK 8

ThirtyTwo 32 Lashed Fast Track FT Sample Mens Snowboard Boots 2015


K2 Outlier BOA 2013 Mens Snowboard Boots White

The Outlier is a great value boot with Boa closure system


K2 Data Snowboard Boots 2013 in Grey

Soft to mid flex boots that is easy to get in and out of.


K2 Raider BOA Mens Snowboard Boots 2015

The Raider is a great bang for your buck boot


K2 Ryker BOA Mens Snowboard Boots 2015

Harshmellow sole boa lacing and smoothe flex


K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots 2015 Black

The Maysis is a great freestyle boot with harshmellow dampening


K2 Thraxis BOA Mens Snowboard Boots Black 2015

Stiff responsive and triple BOA! The Thraxis is top end all round!


K2 Darko Snowboard Boots 2015

The Darko is a nice mid flexing lace up boot with a freestyle flavour


Salomon Synapse Mens Snowboard Boots 2015 Black Brown Red

A stiffer responsive boot from Salomon the Synapse


Ride Fuse Snowboard Boot 2015 in Black

Ground breaking tech in this NEW boot that will destroy the mountain.


Ride Lasso Mens Snowboard Boots 2015 Charcoal

A Stylish boot with award winning heel hold.


Northwave Legend SL Mens Snowboard Boot 2015

This legendary boot lives on! perfect for riders who shred the entire mountain


Northwave Decade SL Mens Snowboard Boot 2015

Stability and power through the most demanding conditions, while still allowing flex and freedom.


Salomon Launch Lace STR8JKT Mens Snowboard Boots 2015

Freestyle goodness in a lace up version with STR8JKT heel lock down


Salomon Dialogue Focus BOA Mens Snowboard Boots Black Grey Red 2015

The Dialogue with dual boa, a high specced durable boot that will last


Thirtytwo Tm-Two Stevens Mens Snowboard Boots 2015 in Maroon

Scott Stevens colour version of the popular TM-TWO lace up boot.


Thirtytwo Tm-Two Mens Snowboard Boots 2015 in Black

Supportive lace up boot. The Tm-Two is the number one choice for the 32 team riders.


Thirtytwo STW BOA Mens Snowboard Boots 2015 in Grey Black

Single Boa Boot with medium flex. Comfort and convenience just for you.


Thirtytwo Session Mens Snowboard Boots 2015 in Black

Brand new style for 2015. Chris Grenier help creating this boot with the all new Boa Tongue Tension System.


Thirtytwo Light Mens Snowboard Boots 2015 in Black Blue

One of the lightest boots Thirtytwo has ever made. Deisgned, tested and approved by JP Walker.


Thirtytwo Lashed FT Fasttrack Snowboard Boots 2015 in Black White

The Lashed FT is just like the original Lashed but with the quick Fast Track lacing system.


Thirtytwo Lashed Bradshaw Mens Snowboard Boots 2015 in Black Dark

Chris Bradshaw's signature model of the popular Lashed lace up boot. The best selling 32 boot ever.


Thirtytwo Lashed Mens Snowboard Boots 2015 in Tan

The Lashed lace up boot is the best selling 32 boot ever. Back in a fresh new colour.


Thirtytwo Binary Mens Snowboard Boots 2015 in Black

Comfortable Thirtytwo boot that is just like the lashed but with a Dual Boa system.

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