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How Megamum.com was born!!

Snowboarding, motherhood and girls snowboard camp 2017

Posted by Special Guest on September, 19, 2016 | Fun & Cool Stuff

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Time for our next special guest entry. This time we have left the Board Basement building... But we have not traveled far. This time we are letting former female snowboard pro Katie Blundell Jonas take over the show.

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Katie is married to Board Basement employee Rich Jonas and everyone else at The Board Basement has got a soft spot for this super cool chick. If you ever meet Katie or bumped into her you will know why. She has got the meanest tail grab in the business, a heart of gold and great sense of humor.

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Her guest blog entry is more female focused, and we are trying to keep this whole blog thing interesting for everyone. We do not want #wearetakingoverthisshow to be a virtual sausage party with just guys writing stuff. We want more ladies involved! It is not the first time Katie is writing on our blog, but this is the first time as special guest and with 100% freedom. Checkout what Katie has got to say below and why not read any of the previous blog posts from her.

Katie Blundell Jonas

How megamum was born……

In the dark depths of despair that is called a "newborn baby/ haven't got a clue what I'm doing/ why am I constantly covered in puke" phase started to pass, slowly, (very slowly) megamum.com began to emerge.


Having a baby is HARD for anyone, especially hard if you are totally naive and think that they will just be like a little pet that you can take everywhere with you and carry on life as normal. Probably even go backpacking around the world like a week after they are born and definitely still carry on doing seasons like before.


Total shock to the system. Even though I was SO stoked to become a Mum (actually hands down the BEST thing in the world), I found it hard to come to grips with the fact that I was no longer a snowboarder (well just for fun now) and life as I knew it (travelling all over the world, living out of a board bag, carefree, baby free) was over. It wasn't a gradual shift in lifestyle, the next chapter of my life had literally began with an almighty bang/ hysterical scream. I was finding it hard to let go of the old me, and lets face it, I was in total denial that I was a grown up (sorry to those I had been telling for years I was 21…..that was a lie).


So when master Arlo came along, that was it. I was an actual Mum. Wowee, now that is REALLY important stuff. It really didn't matter that I still hadn't mastered my Rodeos, seemed insignificant in comparison to being responsible for another humans life.

Once the crazy baby/ all night baby raves began to subside, I felt an urge that I needed to do something for ME…….the new me!!!! I needed something to focus on, a little project, I felt like I needed to reinvent myself. But most importantly I needed something to give me a break from my baby. Ironically writing about my baby was going to do just this!


So goodbye katieblundell.com and hello megamum.com!!!!


I wanted megamum.com to be different from all the other mum blogs out there. I wanted it to come from a more active/ adventurous/ ex snowboader-turned mum perspective. I can be a little shy sometimes in real life, so writing gives me a chance to be a way cooler person! It's a way for me to be creative a deal with things that are going on in my life. However, I didn't want megamum to be serious, just fun things we get up to, funny anecdotes and helpful tips for other mums that want to do the same sort of things. Im very lucky that Arlo is a hilarious little character and constantly inspires ideas for me to write about.

Who knows, maybe it can help other snowboarding mums???!!! (please everyone have babies so we can all hang out together and take them snowboarding, maybe live in a big snowboard commune….in Austria…and eat cakes for breakfast….)


Megamum.com has also led to an awesome new job for me…..

I am now a freelance writer (can I call myself that?) for an Exeter based company called Ticket To Ride Group. They organise Snowboard/ Ski/ Surf instructor courses/ camps all over the world. I am now officially their Snowboard Blogger. As part of this awesome job, I am helping to organise a Girls Only Snowboard Retreat in Meribel next season. It will be an awesome week hosted by myself and expert coaching by Corinne Mayhew (one of the highest qualified girls snowboard instructors IN THE WORLD). Freestyle, technical, touring, off piste, park riding, yoga sessions, healthy eating are just a few of the things we will be focusing on. With the emphasis on "Girls Only" you can progress your riding in a non pressured, fun environment…..and not bother with mascara!!

Even though my life now is predominately cleaning up puke/ poo/ catapulted food/ singing about animals, Snowboarding is most definitely not over for me. I am still trying to live on the wave of my snowboard days (how long can I do that for??) and be involved as much as I can in the sport/ industry. Snowboarding is my greatest passion in life, its whats makes me tick. Its my biggest love (apart from Arlo, and Rich…and maybe the dog) and its what our life is and will always be centred around. Just hope Arlo loves it as much as us……well he has no choice really!

Heartbeats Katie has added the following song to The Board Basement playlist: Heartbeats - The Knife

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