A good, reliable, flexible belt can be a man's best friend.


Belts are a big deal these days with people making much more of a feature of them. Arcade Belts are our go-to belt choice here at The Board Basement. Not only do they have some super cool designs, but they are the perfect belt for people with an active lifestyle; the “Action Sports Belt”. Arcade will change the way you think about belts. An Arcade belt will fit in with your lifestyle rather than your old school rigid leather belt or stiff webbed belt that could hold you back from doing the things you love. 

Arcade Belts- Adventure Ranger Slim- Tie Dye Tan Arcade at The Board Basement

Arcade was a real garage built brand. In 2010, three friends started sewing belts in their living room in Squaw Valley, California. They weren't happy with the belts that were available in the shops, so took it upon themselves to come up with some new radical ideas and designs. They designed some belts with performance and function in mind, with the ultimate goal being to create the most comfortable belts on the market. Thus Arcade Belts was born; belts that provide the right amount of hold, but yet flexible and comfortable enough to allow freedom of movement. They created a range of belts ideal for snowboarders, hikers, bikers, skaters and many more. But also for everyday wear, because let's face it, they look freaking cool!

Arcade Belts 

Arcade sold their first range of belts within 7 weeks. Since then they have got even better, with new technologies each season, fresh designs and awesome functions. They have low profile non metal buckles that are designed to flex with your body and avoid pinching. Also means an easier passage through airport security. The belts are made out of heavy duty, field tested materials, perfect for the outdoors. They are SO strong that they have even been used for other things like tying down surfboards, tow in straps and gear ties for broken luggage. They are also stretchy, quick-dry, machine washable, water resistant, light weight. elastic webbing (industrial strength yarns and natural rubber) and are micro adjustable for the perfect fit. They are 100% made to move, use and abuse! 


The new collection has just landed here at The Board Basement, and dare I say, it’s the best one yet?!




There are some awesome collabs in the new collection, each with an interesting story behind them…...



Ranger; Roark X Arcade Collaboration: This belt takes inspiration from the Scottish Highland and is part of the Arcade Adventure range. Roark is an outdoor lifestyle brand that takes their inspiration from culture, nature, climate, local textiles, people and stories to design their ranges. The green camo on this Roark X Arcade Belt is influenced by the luscious green scottish landscape and Roark’s passion for exploration. Plus everyone loves a bit of camo?! 

Roark x Arcade Ranger Belt

Woven; Roark X Arcade Collaboration. This Navy/ Ink coloured belt is another collab with Roark and is expedition ready. The elastic weave is made out of waxed cotton, wrapped around elastic fibre that holds its strength but also flexes as you move. The braiding allows for a perfect fit with no awkwardly spaced holes. It has waxed canvas trims that are weatherproof and heavy duty. This belt is finished off with a lightweight alloy buckle so you don't have any bulk whilst wearing it. 

Roark x Arcade Woven Belt- Nay/ Ink 

Santa Cruz

Rambler Santa Cruz X Arcade Collaboration: Arcade has collaborated with the huge Bike, Skate, Surf and Lifestyle brand Santa Cruz. Together they have come up with 2 steezy designs. The “Black Screaming Hand” is an iconic graphic by legendary graphic designer Jim Phillips. He loves gross things like skulls, popping eyes and fluids! His revolutionary style changed the world of skate and surf. His graphics almost symbolize a lifestyle and motto that skaters/ surfer could identify with. The screaming hand logo is over 30 years old but still has such an impact and had been emblazoned on T-Shirts, stickers and skateboard all over the world. Safe to say it's a pretty famous logo and epic that it is now on an Arcade belt. The other collab is the old school red and yellow Santa Cruz dot logo, also iconic. The original logo was designed by Jim Phillips in 1970 and is still the same today- slanted yellow santa Cruz strip inside a solid red dot. However there is now lots of variations of the logo ie: Rasta Dot, Flaming Dot, other various other dot designs. It’s a distinctive logo that you can recognize a mile away.

 Santa Cruz x Arcade Rambler Belt- Screaming Hand Santa Cruz x Arcade Rambler Belt- Black Dot


Rambler Sherpa X Arcade Collaboration: Arcade and Sherpa adventure gear have teamed together to produce this limited edition belt. Its design is derived from Himalayean inspiration. Its taken its unique pattern from traditional handwoven costumes with intricate patterns and vibrant colours to create this one of a kind piece. The inside of the belt is adorned with a fabulous pattern. The best thing is, every belt sold $5 will be donated to the adventure Gear Fund to help provide education to the children of Nepal. 

Sherpa x Arcade Rambler Belt- Green

Collections by Arcade



This belt range gives you the perfect fit with its elastic stretch and micro adjustable buckle: one size fits all. The original good times belt that allows you movement, comfort and function, and super flexible. Arcade are made from the same materials as outdoor adventure gear, so pretty hardcore! 

Arcade Adventure Belt- Blackwood- Black Dye/ Tree Arcade Adventure Ranger Belt- Black/ BlueArcade Adventure Rambler- Multi/ Palm

Adventure Slim

This belt compresses all the amazing features of the original belt, but slimmer so better for smaller belt loops. Its stretchy, lightweight and comfortable and of course very versatile. 

Arcade Adventure Slim- Ranger- Tie Dye Tan Arcade Adventure Slim- Ranger Slim- Metal Brown

Adventure Youth

Same same but for kids. Stretchy little kids sized packages, easy to adjust and specially designed for active youngsters. Minimal buckle design and built to play in the dirt. 

Arcade Adventure Youth- Rambler- Moon Blue/ Camp 

Future Weave

Stretchy by name and stretchy by nature. Belts made from hydrophobic webbing woven into a 4 way stretch pattern. Flexes when you need it to but gives the confidence that it will hold tight too. Multi stretch and multi comfort. 

 Arcade Future Weave- Vapor- Green


An original design by Arcade that looks good in the street but also compatible with the great outdoors too. This belt has a clean and crisp design with a reimagined buckle and hidden adjustment to set it apart from the crowd. It also has some soft touch elements and premium trims. One word- Classy. 

 Arcade Capture Belt- Vision- Black/ Wood MountainArcade Capture Belt- Vision- Black heather/ Black Speckle


Belts built for long hard days and ready for work. Scuff resistant and durable with a non-slip buckle and reinforced stitching. Heavy duty elastic webbing with reinforced end cap. Ready for anything but not scrimping on comfort. 

 Arcade Utility Belt- Guide- Metal BrownArcade Utility Belt- Guide- Metal Brown

Utility Slim

Good things come in small packages. A small but strong belt, a slimmed down version of the Utility belt. It has a narrow width to fit smaller belt loops and low profile, non slip buckle design. Technical webbing and built to last. 

 Arcade Utility Slim Belt- Guide-Grus GreenArcade Utility Slim- Guide- Golden Rod

Arcade Belts- Utility Slim



This beautifully woven range of belts are designed to keep you operating during the highest performance and comfortable throughout the daily hustle. It has a strong elastic weave and lightweight alloy buckle. Together with waxed canvas and braiding, this belt scores a 10/10.  

 Arcade Woven Belt- Norrland- Dark GreenArcade Woven- Norrland- Dark Brown

Arcade Belts- Woven Arcade Belts- Woven


A clever alternative to your average belt; introducing the classic suspender design. These are traditional 4 point suspenders that hold your pants up tightly without slipping. They universal clips so can easily attach onto whatever you are wearing.  These suspenders are made out of strong, durable and elastic webbing and long lasting metal clips. Avoid revealing your underpants and keep your pants secure. These come in adult and youth sizes. 

Arcade Suspenders- Jessup- Metal Brown

Arcade Suspenders- Jessup- Metal BrownArcade Suspenders- Jessup Youth- Black


There you have it, Arcade Belts. They have definitely reinvented the boring belt category and given it some practicality and pizzazz! One of the best parts to these belts that always wows me is that you can just leave them on your trousers/ shorts when you wash them. No faff, no worries. Arcade will continue to make awesome belts so people can continue to have a better option than they did all those years ago. 

Arcade Belts