Bonfire, a name synonymous with snowboarding, have rolled out some serious outwear this year. Bonfire, for me, has some strong roots in my progression and passion for snowboarding. I remember buying my first jacket and pants several months before I left for my first season (back in 05/06) out of pure excitement with a clear, fresh mind and no real idea as to what was classed as “in” when it came to snowboarding outerwear styling. I opted for a reasonably priced selection and fortunately fell into the Bonfire brand. OK it was a decision based on colour if I’m honest…

Bonfire Mens Firma Jacket

A season of being a definitive snowboard bum, jobless, drinking, partying, early pow laps, sunset park sessions. From the coldest a swiss winter could hit me with to the warming spring light, I didn’t encounter anything but comfort. My gear took a daily (and nightly) beating. It was impressive how many times you could hit the deck at mach-10 on a sheet of ice, spill drinks and chunder on yourself and not seem to harm my Bonfire get-up.

Bonfire Mens Strata JacketBonfire Mens Strata Jacket

Innovative features and a definite snowboarding look, I distinctly remember a detachable, external leg pocket, that once fully opened extended to a long mesh holdall, perfect for half a baguette to fit, great for lunch transportation! Though I did seem to land on it a bit and it tended to freeze on the colder days, it might have been for some other use in hindsight. Either way I had made a good choice. So good, I felt, that Bonfire was my brand of choice for years after.

Bonfire Terra Jacket

Since those near on 15 years ago, Bonfire have maintained their firm placing in snowboarding outwear quality and style. This year’s line packs even more innovation, comfort and tech than Bonfire have graced us with before! There’re two levels to choose from, Platinum and Gold. In the waterproofing/breathability stakes Gold range not less than 15k/10k and Platinum range never below 20k/15k extending up to 30k/20k. The entire Bonfire range comes with fully taped seams, so you’re sealed up and you aren’t getting wet at those critical zip points and fabric junctions!

Bonfire Liner    Bonfire Hood Detail

The innovation continues to roll with the times such as a touchscreen window audio pocket, we all have phones, it sucks getting them in and out of your pocket so a window within your jacket to use your phone/music device through is ideal. 2-way stretch Tufftech fabric gives a multi directional stretchable, more flexible feel for those tweaked out grabs and laid back butters, or just bending down to strap in.

Bonfire Media Port

So, us guys always get too hot, it’s not cold if you’re snowboarding hard, despite what your other half says (what does she know really, it’s cold in +35deg to her) But we know over heating sucks. A standard gator found in the sleeve doesn’t help, trapping in heat for especially hot hands and arms. Bonfire have rectified this with the Ghost Gator, a simple loop that you insert your thumb through to pulling in a drawstring gator more toward the wrist, plus it’s made of super breathable material. Comfort level – maximised!

Bonfire Cuff       Bonfire Cuff

Now, knee to groin to opposite knee the “inside leg arc” I’ll call it… another hot and sweaty area am I right? Bonfire knows so, and this means meshed openable venting across its entirety. No more betty swollocks! Just don’t forget to do them up when you’re on that fresh powder run. 3 in 1 jacket with shell outers, detachable fleece inners and swivel cuffs that hook over your thumb when you don’t have a hand/wrist gator, the combinations and choices with each jacket and pant covers all styles a rider could want.

Bonfire Vents

Honestly, I could go on all day about the features and tech across the Bonfire range, coupled with some great colourways and mixing and matching of pants and jackets to suit most, I truly think Bonfire have got it dialled yet again this year. Oh, and you won’t be breaking the bank either!

Treat yourself to a look at or drop in to our store and try Bonfire on for size!