Not sure about Howl Trigger Mitts? Or Trigger Mitts in General? This is for all you doubters out there. 


Here is a first-hand, official “journalistic” review on the Howl Trigger Mitts from our guy on the ground in Les Arcs, Tim. Tim used to be a disbeliever… Tim is a believer.  


We “loaned” Tim an early Christmas present and gave him a lovely pair of Howl Trigger Mitts to test on his snowboard holiday in Les Arcs, on the condition that he gets back to us with his thoughts.


Reporting from a snowy Les Arc, take it away Tim……..

How Trigger Mitts- Tim

3pm Bounced from Cornwall for first lifts of the year to Les Arc


430pm landed at The Board Basement for some new mitts


Stu - "Hey man, what you after?"

Me - "Hey, I need some new gloves bro"

Stu - "What are you thinking?"

Me - "Mitts maybe, got some gloves, kinda fancy some mitts"

Stu - "Seen any you like?"

Me - "Yeh, seen some ones in the sale on the website"

Stu - "Follow me..."

Me - "Sweet"


Out the back we went to what can only be described as the holy sh*t grail of clearance wear - Siiick


Stu -" What are your thoughts on trigger mitts?" as he hands me a pair of The Howl Trigger Mitts

Me - "Nah bro they're weird"

Stu - "These are real good man, give 'em a try"

Me - Slipped on the mitts, "yeh nah man not keen" 

Stu - "Trust me, these are decent, they are mitts and gloves with a finger... for adjust bindings, coats, pointing and stuff" 

Me - "What stuff?"

Stu - "Pointing for one, ordering 3 beers and stuff"

Me - "Yeh still nah man"


His daughter hands me a second Christmas chocolate 


Stu - "Okay, how about these mitts, Pow?"

Me - "Yeh nice, feel good. 30 seconds later super sweaty hands.. my hands are sweaty bro?"

Stu - "Yeah mitts do that, it’s like a little sauna up in there for your digits"

Me - "Like a sauna for old men?"

Stu - "Yeah not sure what kinda saunas you’re into tho"

Me - "Got any others?"

Stu - "Yeah, try these Dakines"

Me - "Yeah nice, real comfy like"

Stu - "How’s those fingers?"

Me - "Getting kinda clammy bro"

Stu - "Yeah that’s mitts, they can sometimes be like that, how about some gloves?"

Me - "Nah I got gloves"

Stu - "What you thinking?"

Me - "Kinda keen for the Howl Trigger Mitts"


Stu hands me them for a second slip.


First thing I noticed is no clam, no sweat and super comfy 


Stu - "Okay, tell you what. I’ll make you a deal"

Me - "I’m listening"

Stu - "I can see your not too keen on the trigger finger gig"

Me - "Go on..."

Stu - "Buy them, take them away for the week boarding and if you don’t like them I’ll buy them back off you. How’s that?"

Me - "Serious?"

Stu - "Yeah, serious"

Me - "Okay I’m keen, what’s the numbers?"

Stu - "Tell you what, I'll do you a good deal if you product test them for me. On one condition."

Me - "Yeah..".

Stu - "Write us a blog for the website after your trip, good or bad, please be honest and if you do like them you have to pay me back the deal, keen?"

Me - "I’m in"

Howl Trigger Mitts 2020


That is how it went down and off I rocked with a brand new pair of Howls and a pocket full of cash - Ideal way to start the trip 


5pm Hit the road to Gatwick in the dark with a pair of Howls on the passenger seat just sat there. Two things I hate, wet hands from leaky gloves and sweaty hands from overheating   


I’m starting to like these mitts. They are weird to look at but good weird. Fun weird. They made me smile. I Cranked up the radio and off I continued along the concrete corridor Gatwick bound and trigger happy. 


Les Arc - First lifts of the season


Its about -1deg, zero wind and bluebird. Geared up, I head up the hill for the first day of snow. Howl mitts on, I can adjust goggles, bindings, zips, clips the works. No dramas. Having the index finger free makes a world of difference. I found them easier to do stuff than using a normal glove because you don’t have so much material around each digit! 


After a full day of boarding and countless on off lifts doing bindings up and making snow balls. My hands were  bone dry. No clam, no leakage. Toasty warm but not overheating. This went on all week. The more i wore them the more I didn’t notice them , thats a good sign in my book. It means they are doing what they are supposed to with no drama. 


I decided on the last day, Id wear my old normal gloves. Just as a comparison. I wish I hadn’t bothered. Sweaty hands, clam central and cold. Every time i took them off I couldn’t get them back on because they were sopping wet. This never happened once in the Howl Trigger mitts. 


So, my verdict? Awesome. They are weird but they are cool. They are weirdly cool.


They do exactly what they should with zero issues. Easy to use and I could live with these all season no worries. 


My only comment is the writing has started to come off. For now I own a pair of ‘Owl Mitts’. Which also makes me smile.

Thats what these mitts do, they make me smile and they tick the boxes. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. 


Just about to grab my flight back... I’ll be in later today to square up for the mitts 




Thank you Tim, glad you are now converted. For all you haters out there, Christmas is a time for love. And we LOVE Howl Trigger Mitts.


Merry Christmas