Swellular Technology

With summer rolling in, it’s definitely time to get yourself kitted out with some awesome new flip flops. Perfect for sunny walks and BBQs, Reef Rover flip flops are super comfy, very grippy, super supportive, and look super cool. However, what really sets them apart is what they call “Swellular Technology”.

This may sound, initially, a bit like surfing mumbo-jumbo. What does swellular technology mean? Reef have essentially outlined 3 key issues with many regular types of flip flops: traction, support and the most obvious one; comfort.

What makes the Reef Rover non-slip Flip Flops?

The first of these is perhaps the most unique for the Reef Rover Flip Flop, is its traction technology. The Rover is fitted with what Reef describes as a high-density sawtooth rubber outsole. Simply put, this is basically a grip pattern which allows for superior traction on wet surfaces - ideal for slippery areas like decking or rocks. The grip pattern works alongside the tough inner mid layer, with the supportive shaping of the flip flop, to provide exceptional protection for the sole of your foot, as well as durability for long-term wear. Picture this, you’re out for a boat day, or exploring some beach rocks, but you don’t want to change out of your regular flip flops.

Reef Rover

The Reef Rover’s ultra-grip traction uses its sawtooth rubber to micro-grip slippery surfaces, i.e a wooden harbour boarding, plastic boat surfaces, or wet rocks. Reef’s innovative technology has combined what you expect from walking shoes, with the lightweight, breathable design of flip flops. Reef Rovers essentially grip more, walk further, and last longer, doing more than you could ever expect a flip flop to do.

These features also contribute to the second usual issue which blights flip flops: support. Flip flops are generally seen as being perhaps the least supportive shoe one could choose to wear. Again, however, the construction of the Reef Rover contradicts this problem. Whilst the idea of a flip flop is simple, Reef’s technology is far from it.

Why are the Reef Rover so supportive?

Below the super soft comfort footbed, sits a medium density moulded foam midsole. This means that the flip flop is not just super soft, which would eventually result in it just collapsing. The Rover is also super tough, with a resilient mid-layer allowing you to wear your flip flops all day, with as much support as possible.

Reef Rover

What makes the Reef Rover so comfortable?

The third and final feature of the Reef Rover is the comfort. What many people dislike about flip flops is that they are fine for nipping across the road to the shop, but they’re uncomfortable to wear for a whole day, with hard plastic straps rubbing, or flimsy foam soles causing feet to ache.

Reef Rover

The Reef Rover uses a thick foam footbed, which is super soft and contoured to the shape of a foot. The strap is also constructed with the foot in mind, a padded, flexible design with a soft inner lining, which only becomes more comfortable with extra wear. The cushioned foam footbed is so comfortable it feels like you are walking on clouds.

The staff here at The Board Basement are lucky to live near the beautiful beaches of Devon and Cornwall. Not all of them have smooth sand and the beaches are often surrounded by cliffs or rocks. We also have friends with boats and we like exploring Dartmoor in the summer. We love the outdoors and especially watersports this time of the year. Where a normal Flip Flop will slip or slide, the Reef Rover with its Swellular Technology, grips and allows you to hold your balance. That is why the Reef Rover is an absolute favourite amongst us.

So if you’re looking to update your summer flip flops, and want something to stay comfortable and supported all day, without compromising on style, check out The Board Basement’s favourite flip flop, the Reef Rover!