Here at The Board Basement we are all keen wakeboarders and try to get out on the water as much as possible. Our usual spot to ride is the amazing North Devon Wake Park being the closest cable park to Exeter and also the biggest in our area. Recently though we thought let's get on the road and find out what other places to wakeboard there are in our region, so we did!

Retallack Wake Park

So off we went down to Cornwall with Retallack Wake Park down in St Columb Major being our destination. Just 8 miles outside of Newquay, Retallack is situated right in the heart of some pristine Cornish countryside. As part of the Retallack Resort and Spa they cater for everything, not just wakeboarding. Retallack have one of only 3 FlowRider’s in England and the South’s only FlowRider (an artificial standing wave you surf on a smaller board), as well as water zorbing, stand up paddle boarding, a huge Aqua Park, fishing and of course all of the spa services.

Retallack Wake Park- Dock

We arrived early morning on a beautiful summers day to be impressed with the place straight away. Retallack is very well kept and has everything you could imagine covered. As you move around the corner you are greeted with a series of smaller lakes with different activities in each section. The main area from where the wakeboarding is done feels more like a beach resort with fresh combed sand, picnic tables and sun umbrellas dotted around, as well as a small sectioned off part of the lake for paddling. This area is also family friendly too with an array of kids toys, buckets and spades all dotted around so the kids can be kept at bay while you play! If a bucket and spade doesn’t float your boat then there are also quite a few Indo boards, so you can practice your balance while waiting for your turn on the water. Oh and a bar for those who don’t want to ride.

Retallack Wake Park- Pizza

The wake park itself is a System 2 cable with 4 features out on the water. This consists of 2 kickers, one medium one large, an incline slider and a raised box perfect for learning new tricks on. The guys down there make you feel super welcome too with Calum manning the cable for our sessions and he was more than helpful to give some instruction when requested or needed all with good advice, nice one Calum! One of the advantages of this being a smaller lake (but by no means small!) is you are closer to the cable operator so if you need to communicate they aren’t too far away to make things much easier. The park does change from time to time too with another large gas pipe feature which can be put in a number of different locations.

Retallack Wake Park Cable

Most cable parks run jam nights and Retallack is no exception to this with their ‘’Pass the Handle’’ jam night running Fridays 5-8pm which changes to Wednesdays from 1st July. Here you can ride on and off for 3 hours and get a pint or a soft drink for £25, bargain! You need to be obstacle standard to take part but well worth it if you are looking for max riding and bang for your buck. A regular session on the wake park costs £25 for 20 minutes or you can have exclusive use for £60. They also offer multi-buys if you are going to visit more regularly with 10 sessions for £150 or 20 sessions for £250 so you can save some money for that new board you want! You can also combine this with some other activities on offer as part of a multi-buy full details on their website where you can also book your activities.

Retallack Wake Park- Beach Area

They also have events down at Retallack with a big one to mention on the August Bank Holiday Weekend 25th – 27th August.(2018). On the Saturday is the UK FlowRider Championship where a new champ will be crowned and on the Sunday. Retallack Wake Park welcome the Southern Cable Series to their park. There are different categories catering for all ability levels so if you think you might be the next Aaron Gunn get yourself down to Retallack on the 26th. Check out their website for events happening in 2019.

Southeren Cable Series- Retallack Wake Park 2018

So if you live nearby, have a holiday to Cornwall planned or simply just want to give a new park a try, make sure you check out the guys down at Retallack Wake Park.