It’s that time of the year again.


All the new stuff has been delivered and the snowboarding season is just about to really kick off. For the last couple of months we’ve been wondering, will the snow come this year? Will it be a late season again? Are people thinking about winter yet? We’ve been praying to the weather gods and they have truly answered our prayers this year; it looks like one of the best starts to the season in a long time.

That leaves us with the question, are people excited about snowboarding this year? It’s been very mild in our part of the world, but it is just starting to get a bit colder and with perfect conditions in the alps, so we’re starting to get there! One of the best ways to get excited about riding is watching one of the many snowboard movies that are available, and most for the for the cost of nothing - you just need to know where to look.

It’s a stressful time for us just before Christmas, so it’s nice to stop, sit down and watch one of the good snowboard movies that are available. Personally, it’s hard to find time to do this with so much work needing to get done, which is probably the case for many of you too! So I thought, let’s share some of our favourite picks at The Board Basement. There are a few snowboard movies that I’ve seen so far this season that really stand out. "Method 2", "Arcadia" and "Costa Nostra" are 3 very good snowboard movies that is worth mentioning. But I thought I would focus on 3 other snowboard movies that are a little bit different. They are all free to watch online as well. So no excuses not to...

28 Winters


A couple of weeks ago I watched 28 Winters that is a bit different. It’s more of a documentary about Nitro as a brand and the owners of Nitro Snowboards, with focus on Thomas Delago. Throughout the years we have meet and discussed Nitro with “Tommy”, so it was nice to see this movie. He is very easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable and easy to approach, and this movie explains why, with so much experience and passion for snowboarding. 28 Winters features some really good riding from Nitro team riders as well, and is available for free at Redbull Tv. If you have not downloaded the Red Bull Tv App to your phone, I highly recommend it. There are loads of good snowboard movies available to watch for free on there.

Depth Perception


A few days ago I watched the new Travis Rice movie called “Depth Perception”. This was very different from the Fourth Phase movie that came out last year. This is a movie with loads of humour and amazing powder riding -as expected from a crew with a good budget and backing. Featuring amazing backcountry riding by Austen Sweetin, Travis Rice, Robin Van Gyn and Bryan Fox. This movie is also available at Red Bull TV for free.



But then the other night I watched the new movie by the Different Direction crew: Odyssey.
This is one that really stands out amongst the vast amount of free content available.


No crazy budgets involved, just a very talented crew that is super hyped about snowboarding. Filmed by my friends Sebi Madlener and Theo Acworth, I really like these guys so my blog entry might be slightly biased. However, with so much content flowing through social media daily, it’s hard to pick out the gems. So I wanted to share this with as many people as possible. “Odyssey” is filmed across different spots in Austria and Andorra. Mainly shot on spots around Innsbruck, Arlberg, Sonnen kopf and Silvretta Montafon in Austria.

Simon Pricher-nosepressnollie-seefeld


These guys managed to capture the fun and beauty of snowboarding, with a lots of big smiles and big jumps and amazing powder sections. It starts out with urban and more park focused riding but a few minutes in, the off piste magic starts to happen. Half way in, I had to stop the movie and send Theo and Sebi a message, I was blown away. This is one of the best snowboard movies I’ve seen in a very long time.

Max Zepe- Miller Flip- Sonnenkopf


The riding is the same as many other snowboard movies; big turns, amazing snow conditions, young men throwing themselves over big kickers doing spins. What sets this movie apart, is how it’s all edited together. The music and the imagery sucks you in so it feels like you are there at times. You can hear the laughter, and you can tell that the crew had a really good time making this movie and that the mountains are these guys’ playground. It feels real and they have really thought about the end product, leaving you hyped about snowboarding.

Mario Kaeppeli - Switch B1 - Sonnenkopf


This movie has got a little bit of everything in it. From park to deep off piste riding. All shot with a unique style, and different music that blends well with the action.

 Lukas Ellensohn - Silvretta Montafon


Featuring Simon Pircher, Joris Doorn, Lukas Ellensohn, Mario Käppeli, Tom Klocker, Mario Wanger, Flo Corzelius, Max Zebe, Ethan Morgan, Christoph Schwarz, Steve Grumser, Michi Schatz, Raffi Kossmann, Tom Tramnitz, Paul Tiefenbacher, Max Glatzl, Steve Kueberl AND FRIENDS

Directed by Sebi Madlener

Filmed by Theo Acworth, Sebi Madlener, Julian Pintarelli, Luzian Burgstaller, Basti Funk, Martin Venier, Marco Johnny Morandi, Joris Doorn, Ethan Morgan, Simon Pircher, Lukas Ellensohn and more rider angles
Edited by Sebi Madlener
All photos by Sebi Madlener

Joris Doorn - BS Millerflip Tree Grab - Sonnenkopf


So if you only have time for one snowboard movie before you go away this season and want to get excited about snowboarding, I highly recommend “Odyssey” by the Different Direction Crew.
Odyssey is available for free on Method magazine and Transworld Snowboarding or right here: