Retallack Wake Park was officially the 5th stop of the Southern Cable Wakeboard Series……and the 2nd stop for me! The Board Basement was doing a pop-up-shop again to support the tour, and myself and the kids again were going along to help*


*or hinder as the case may be

The Board Basement pop-up shop


Retallack Wake Park is like a little hidden gem in the wakeboard world (Retallack Wake Park). It is tucked away in the beautiful Cornish countryside, an easy 1.5 hours’ drive from The Board Basement in Exeter. The resort itself is pretty fancy. They cater for everything from family holidays to spa breaks, from hen/stag dos/ weddings to kids’ parties. Facilities also include a health spa, gym, indoor pool, kids’ clubs/ playgrounds, bar/ restaurants and shops.

They also have Cornwall’s only Flow Rider. Basically, surfing in a man-made pool, with waves. There are lakes scattered throughout the resort (which is beautiful by the way) and towards the bottom of the resort is the best lake…..the Wake Park lake!

Set on a little beach, the wake park is small but pristine with awesome features. Not mega intimidating for someone like me, but more than enough for you to learn gnarly tricks on ...for someone not like me! The vibe is always buzzing in a sunny, holiday, beachy-vibe type way. Lots of spectators cheering the riders on as the busy Aqua Park is just next door.

 Retallack Wake Park

A lovely, perhaps unintentional touch to the wake park is there always seems to be a lone duck at the end of the lake where you have to turn the corner on your board. He must be an adrenaline junky too?!

Everytime I have visited Retallack, it has been beaming sunshine. However on Sunday for the Southern Cable Series, it was pissing it down. We had been checking the weather, and really hoping the forecasts were wrong. Actually when we first got there it was ominous, but dry……enough time for us to get the pop-up-shop running anyway.

Practice got underway at 9, with the young-guns getting lots of runs in. A few more people started turning up slowly, but not nearly as many as if it had been nice weather I guess.

Practice- Retallack

With the lack of competitors, and armed with a shiny new wakeboard, I decided to give it a go once again. Got my official wrist band so there was no turning back. Nearly chickened out when about 50 kids turned up…..but thank god they were getting suited up for the Aqua Park, not the wakeboard competition.

Warm up definitely felt chilled, everyone managing to get a few laps in, and no real order to the queue of wakeboards. The laps were short in the little lake, but I kinda liked this. It felt more intimate.

There was a little beach that you could hang out on in between laps, and SUP boards and Indo boards to mess around on and practice your balance etc. Good way to keep you limbered up and muscles warm whilst waiting.

Retallack Wake Park Indo Board Retallack Wake Park

Practice over and it was straight into the real-deal. All 13 competitor were rounded-up under the shelter (to keep dry in their soaked wetsuits-ironic). Competitors were to have 3 laps to do your best tricks; points being scored for staying on your feet, but also “trying” things (I think?). I barely had enough tricks for 1 lap, let alone 3!!! But yet again I had to remember I was doing this for fun, and deep down, I just wanted to ride my lovely new board.

Riders meeting

It was also decided to merge the categories. Yikes! I was swiftly promoted to Open Womens

The competition got underway. Everyone rode so well, despite the wild wind and rain…and rogue duck. A few people stood out to me. First of all a grom called DJ with the steeziest little style. Her and her family had travelled all the way down from Wales. Also a guy in an orange helmet (Midge??) who was actually ridiculous!! I didn’t even understand half his crazy tricks! So bloody good. He was even hitting jumps the wrong way (ollying straight over them). Loved his style. And also Callum, who was running the whole thing. He was running the comp, driving the cable AND shredding like a BOSS. He had a way of making everyone feel super chilled, included and happy.

Obviously everyone else was awesome too! I wish I could have just watched all the time, but my boys were WILD and trying to swim in their clothes and running into the girls changing rooms. 

Retallack Wake Park

The competition was over quickly as there weren't that many of us. I think everyone was relieved really as now we could get changed and get warm. I think I won the prize for “the most ridiculous looking person whilst trying to keep warm.'' I really need to figure out a better way to do this. Prize giving was done and dusted so everyone could hit the bar. Well hot chocolate in my case. Rock and roll. 

Juniors Womens Open Mens Open

Yes the weather was rubbish but it really didn’t seem to dampen anyone's spirits. In fact, I think it made the day even better? Because it was a smaller crowd the vibe was less pressured as it was more about just having fun and the novelty of riding in the rain. 

And I'm pleased to report that the duck is still there having a great time.