Tasha Colletti

I was lucky enough to get to hang out with the lovely Tasha Colletti. I have just started to dabble into the sport of wakeboarding, so I had to count my lucky stars when our paths crossed for a little bit.

 Katie and Tasha

Tasha is gnarly professional wakeboarder. She has been wakeboarding for years and been on many a podium in her time. She trains all over the world. When she’s not riding in the UK, she can be found hitting up the cable parks in Turkey and the Philippines, where you can wakeboard in boardshorts rather than a winter wetsuit (brrrrr England).

 Tasha Colletti

Once my “star struck” phase had passed, I managed to ask her a few questions just to get a better insight into the wonderful world of wakeboarding, particularly the girls scene. Anyway, let's get to know her better……..


How did you first get into wakeboarding? I started by kitesurfing in 2007 and when there was no wind, I used to go to JB Ski to wakeboard but not very often. I got into snowboarding from there and started doing winter seasons, so ditched the kitesurfing for snow.  I started wakeboarding properly and more often in 2014 when I moved to Australia where I lived just 5 minutes from Bli Bli Wakepark and got to ride all the time!

Favourite person to ride with? My old aussie ride buddy Deanna Hatten (she’s now turned into a sick snowboarder!) We spent so much time riding doubles and just mucking around and laughing, it made wakeboarding so much fun.

Best trick? Cab 540

Ultimate trick you would like to learn? It sounds silly but I have a real fear of backwards inverts, so I’ve never managed to land a Tantrum, I’d like to learn a nice grabbed tantrum or failing that any kind of air trick (they terrify me!)

Scariest moment? Tacoing a metal transfer rail and knocking myself out, I don’t remember swimming back in.

Worst injury? Torn hip flexor from yet another taco…you don’t realise how much you use this muscle until you injure it…even getting out of bed is agonising!

Favourite place to ride? CWC in the Philippines…absolute paradise

Worst fear? Breaking a bone or wrecking my knees

Biggest Idol/ inspiration? Anna Nikstad…she is the coolest chick in Wakeboarding and an absolute babe!

What would you say to a girl wakeboarder just starting out? Don’t let the fact that it’s a male dominated sport intimidate you, push through the fear and just enjoy yourself. The learning curve when starting out is so quick and so rewarding and guys will respect you for it! Everyone was a beginner once and everyone catches edges and falls in, it’s all part of the fun.

Pet peeve in wakeboarding: Probably girls hating on each other for absolutely no reason and people thinking they’re too cool in the sport, that they can’t talk to others just starting out…it’s such a small sport, everyone should support each other, especially the ladies!

Tasha Colletti

Current Setup:

2019 Slingshot Contrast 142cm

2019 Slingshot Jewel Boots

Bern Brighton H2o Helmet

RideEngine Atlas Impact Vest

Tasha Colletti