Si Keys, fellow shredder and great friend, used to work for us here at The Board Basement (now left us to live the dream in Mayrhofen). He has really hit the nail on the head with this blog. He explains why it is SO much better to go into a snowboard shop, hang out, touch/caress the products, breath the snowboard wax and talk to kindred spirits about the best snowboarding gear/ stories. Take it away Si......


Where are all the Snowboarding gear savants?

I mean the internet is a great tool, but having actual one to one conversations and the possibility to touch, feel and understand clearly all that there is to do with snowboarding gear can make the difference. The difference being between a progressive curve of learning and pure joy for years to come or buying because your mate said it’s the best/your favourite snowboarder rides or wears it, with a risky outcome.

Tucked around the UK are these informative, passion filled, rider hyped and rider driven groups of individuals. Sometimes they’re at the dryslope or snowdome, often they’ll be found trading winter season stories at the pub but mostly you’ll find them happily imparting years of wisdom and knowledge on all things winter and snowboarding at your local snowboard store. Dare I say it, but there’s probably a combined couple of thousand years’ worth of riding time and information amongst these borderline obsessive fanatics (eccentrics?). They live, breathe, test and buy snowboarding.

We all know the right equipment is what can truly make or break a trip to the snowy wonderland of your choice. Picking through the mountains of information to be gained from even some of the longest running websites can be a pain. For example; trying to get the right fitting boots… or just knowing how boots should feel when fitted correctly is essentially a hands’ on experience. An hour or two at your local shop, comfortably seated, coffee in hand and trying every boot you can while chatting of winters to come is a situation you’re unlikely to find in any other sport or even any other type of shop, could make for an interesting story in your local pharmacy though. Bringing your friends or family along for a full morning to get you all ready for that wintery snowboarding trip away is some of the best fun you can have while shopping! Plus, you’re learning, getting to the bottom of why something could be right for you, which can ultimately improve you’re snowboarding experience.

So when you need the reassurance that it’s time to upgrade those bindings, change your set up as you progress or just pick up a few pairs of fresh socks that match your thermals, remember that the forlorn looking snowboarder type, with their eyes closed and head in the freezer at your local supermarket appreciating the cold blast, is longing to divulge a fellow snowboarder with all they can give for whatever you need that winter trip or season, only at your local store!

Boot Fit At The Board Basement


Thank you so much for your blog Si! Enjoy all the fresh powder in Austria, think of us in Marsh Barton!

We are a team of snowboarders and mountain enthusiasts here at The Board Basement Exeter, with our main aim to help poeple out with buiying the best gear suited to YOU. We just want everyone to love snowboarding as much as we do. 

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