They’ve landed!!!!!

 Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

Boosted Electric Skateboards have now officially arrived at The Board Basement and we are so excited to share them with you.


But why ride an electric skateboard? 


There are so many perks to using portable electric vehicles over a normal mode of travel. First of all it requires a lot less energy than pushing around on a normal skateboard. An electric skateboard means minimal effort to look cool and glide around AND you can even go up hills! They have a powerful acceleration all with a touch of a button, enabling you to get “all the feels” of a normal skateboard but without having to put in all the hard work. It goes without saying that it's a hell of a lot quicker than walking. It even reverses. 


Compared to other vehicles of transport (car, bus, train, plane…..donkey??!) it’s also a massive win. For example; no waiting, no parking, no getting stuck in traffic, no battling crowds, no petrol, no fumes… worries! Other perks are that it saves you a shit tonne of money in the long run if you choose it as your form of commute; parking fees, petrol money (it re-charges), insurance/ MOT/ tax and general running and maintenance costs. You will also be doing your bit for the planet as it uses 97% less energy use than automobiles. It reduces congestion and pollution.


Boosted was started 7 whole years ago by a group of highly passionate and clever individuals whose aim was to make a commute as fun as possible, and destinations more accessible. Everything Boosted creates has the riders interests at heart, really taking “on-board” customer feedback and ideas. Boosted have a genuine motivation to give the riders something they will LOVE. 


After tweaking and refining the designs over the years, Boosted now have a family of high performance electric boards that satisfy all of their customers needs. They are made out of exceptional materials and built with attention to quality, durable and long lasting for daily use. They are notably lightweight and easy to ride and have confidence inspired electric braking, power acceleration and many more amazing tech features. Boosted now have boards that reach speeds of 24mph and re chargers totally in 1.45 mins.


At The Board Basement we have 2 awesome Boosted boards to choose from; welcome to The Board Basement family Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard and Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard.


Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

This vehicle-grade electric skateboard is everything its says on the tin- STEALTH! Stealth by name, stealth by nature; it has lightning fast acceleration and reaches up to 24mph. It's the only product in the range to feature a 5th mode (hyper-mode). This makes it able to boost in and out of traffic even quicker and goes up to 14 miles without having to charge the battery. The Stealth board also climbs up hill gradients of 25 % with ease and re chargers within 1.45mins- so perfect whilst your at work. 

 Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

It's a premium board with a super flex composite deck that gives you a smooth and responsive feel and allows you to enjoy those deep carves that electric skateboard riders desire without heaps of vibration and chatter. The Poplar Core gives it that lovely springy feel, but without losing any of its strength. This torsional strength and stiffness also comes from the reinforced tri axle fiberglass. They have used the same tech as some snowboards; boosted are made with Polymer Sidewalls to really take the abuse that skaters can throw at them. This super smooth-like-butter type ride also comes from the new upgraded CNC precision machined trucks and the custom designed 85mm Stratus wheels.- which are the highest roll speed of any Boosted board to date. The metal pulleys make it really quiet and efficient and make bumps on the ground seem small. 

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard Boosted Stealth Electric SkateboardBoosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

This beautiful board is suited for any rider from beginner to pro and its designed to be ridden in the street. The bluetooth also has 2 connections so it doesn't get interfered with in busy areas and the “Jerk Filter” that tapers acceleration and braking, this makes riding it predictable so you can really go for it. The brakes are regenerative, so that as you brake you are also putting power back into the battery. Fancy huh?! 

Boosted Stealth Electric Skateboard

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard 

A day of errands made super fun? Yes please! The Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard has the classic skate deck look and feel to it. It has a deep dish concave shape that locks your feet into position to give you ultimate control of the board. The kick tail allows you to maneuver it in a flash and feel nice and nimble; it turns 90 degrees at the drop of a hat. You can use the tail puck (replaceable, helps with abrasion and drag) together with the regenerative braking to stop in an instance too- but nice and smoothly. The deck itself is made out of light-weight Poplar Core wrapped in Fiberglass for a really refined feel. Again, the boards edges are reinforced with Polymer Sidewall to make it durable. The hardwear mounts are also sealed to protect it. 

 Boosted Mini Electric Skateboard

The Mini X can reach speeds up to 20 mph (get those errands done quickly!) and the battery lasts up to 14 miles then recharges fully within 1.45 mins. It has 3 ride modes, each with “Jerk Filters” so it’s not juddery, making it a board you can trust and is reliable. This predictable ride is also what makes it perfect for beginners to pros. The battery also has vehicle grade casing and anti propagation safety technology. You use the remote to control the speed, the remote is ergonomic and bluetooth to help you do this easily. It has 2 sensors so the signal doesn't get disrupted through busy areas. 

 Boosted Mini Electric SkateboardBoosted Mini Electric Skateboard

Now for the brake drive system- Boosted pack 3x the torque and have enough power to get wherever you need to go. It’s also ace at climbing hills and is able to climb hills of up to 20% gradient. Added together with the booted Lunar 80mm wheels (that are soft enough to handle all the little bumps on the ground but strong enough to be stable and grippy), this electric skateboard will give you such a satisfying ride. Its compact size means it really portable and easy to stow away- even under your desk at work. Once you’re done for the day, check out your stats on the app. You can view, your mileage, range and receive notifications about group rides. A mini board that gives you massive results.

 Boosted Mini Electric Skateboard



Boosted are all about making things fun. Life would be dull if everything was normal. We have all been testing our new Boosted Boards here at The Board Basement and I can confirm that everyone is definitely enjoying their commutes to work and ticking off their To-Do lists. 


Come down and test one of our Boosted Electric Skateboards. AND for a limited time only we are offering Forcefield Abrasion Resistant Knee Pads with every Boosted Board. Kick things off in style.