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Liquid Force

A lot happened in 1995. The first Toy Story film came out, the DVD format was launched, a bunch of other stuff and Liquid Force was created. Founded by Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon, the two combined, set to drive the sport to a new level. Tony originally developed the “Skurfer”; the initial catalyst from which wakeboarding was born.

Liquid Force Skurfer

With little more than dedication, friendship and a mutual love of wakeboarding, the Liquid Force duo soon started to change the way people thought of the sport, making wakeboarding more accessible and fun.
The list below shows their unrivalled contribution towards the sport’s progression:

1994 - the first twin tip wakeboard… Flight 69
1996 - the first women’s specific wakeboard… Nymph
1996 - the first kid’s specific wakeboard… Mini Squirt
1996 - the first non-rubber wakeboard binding… Super Suction
1997 - the first multi-fin wakeboard… Trip
1998 - the first performance lightweight wakeboard binding… Ultra
2000 - the first finless wakeboard with molded side fins… Helix
2000 - the first full-length team video produced in the wake industry… Wide Awake
2001 - the first CNC’d all-wood lightweight performance wakeboards… Ultracores
2001 - the first sintered grind-based board… Grind 134
2002 - the first cupped side fins… Balance and Subjekt
2003 - the first women’s-specific pro model boot is created… Minx
2004 - the first company to use sewn overlays tech on boots… Transit
2005 - the first hardware-less binding
2006 - the first modern-day closed-toe binding… Shane boot
2008 - the first to mold sintered p-tex to any base contours
2009 - the first hybrid boards… combining flex with complex hull shapes
2009 - the first internal carbon stringered PVC-core boards… Fly series
2010 - the first elastomeric sidewalls… liquid rails
2010 - the first true hybrid is introduced (Watson), redefining all-terrain boards
2012 - the first wake company with M6 hardware
2012 - the first non-sewn binding assembly
2012 - the first grind boards for groms… Nemesis and Star Grinds
2013 - the first kid’s hybrids for groms… Super Trip and Melissa 127

Today,Liquid Force continues to drive the sport forward, reflecting its name as a strong, bold brand in the wakeboard community. Liquid Force works closely with athletes to achieve the right designs, epitomised by the Liquid Force Next , which offers Vector net tech - increasing torsional flex and  power when cutting through the water surface.

Liquid Force-Watson Dose

Cable Parks are popping up everywhere, so Liquid Force has developed boards that are specific for people who ride cable. Hitting kickers and sliders requires different attributes, so boards like the Liquid Force Peak, with its unique single concave hull shape, mid-body channels, concave bevelled edge, allow riders to use the board finless and still hold a solid edge. This in turn allows the board to leave the surface easier, promoting tricks like the Raley.

The Raley Trick

Liquid Force hasn’t forgotten about those of us who are greedy and want to ride everything though, so Liquid Force still offers boards that you would be more than happy to ride behind a boat and occasionally down the cable. Models like the Watson Dose are loaded with everything an all-rounder needs, like a wood core, liquid rails, grind base and the new Liquid Force FlexTrack mounting system, allowing for quick stance adjustments and increased flex.

liquid Force

There is something for every skill level and riding style in the Liquid Force Wakeboard product range. If you are looking for a specific Liquid Force Wakeboard, or another type of Liquid Force product, and you can’t find it on our website, give us a call and we can get it in for you. We work closely with our suppliers and often special order products for our customers.

Liquid Force