The lovely Alex Coats has written us a review on the Defenders Of Awesome mens snowboard 2020. We liked the reveiw so mucht that we gave him a Saturday job! Take it away Alex.....

Defenders Of Awesome Snowboard

To start of the review, I’m just going to say this board is amazing, as an intermediate level rider this board has dealt with everything that I have thrown at it. From powder, park and just riding groomers, the DOA has allowed myself to have a great time. The hybrid camber design allows the DOA to be a poppy board, this in turn enables the board to float with ease in the powder (if needed to) and help to recover landings of jumps if too far back on the board. The flat tip/tail can really load up allowing a snap into the air when going into an ollie/nollie .The true twin style of the board is an essential feature for when riding park, whether that’s coming of rails switch or doing 180s, 360s the possibilities are endless. The centred stance of the board personally made riding groomers much more enjoyable as I never felt too far over the nose and never too far back over the tail. The Kevlar side cut of the board prevents any serious cracking and breaking if hitting on rails, rocks and trees, this sidecut can really engage when going into a heavily committed turn. Although the board is great when going into turns the board doesn’t feel as good going into uneven terrain (moguls) I found the board was very difficult to pull around and push over the moguls. I’m not as sure whether that was due to my own riding style or just due to the design of the board. Another weakness of the board is the edge hold when in icy conditions, the board tends to slip out majorly when being forced onto icy surfaces. The final downside to the board would have to be the base, in some areas of hard packed snow the board feels to be sluggish and slower than some other boards, the board isn’t slow all over the mountain but just on these hard packed surfaces I could really feel my speed decreasing.

Capita Defenders Of Awesome 

Overall, I feel this board is great for intermediate to high level riders. I would recommend it to someone who wants to play around all over the mountain and to someone who wants to work on their technique throughout all disciplines of snowboarding.


Thank you Alex