The Capita DOA Defenders Of Awesome Snowboard is very much ALIVE and one of our firm favourites here at The Board Basement. Its an all-mountain freestyle twin snowboard aimed at an intermediate/ advanced rider. 

 Capita DOA SnowboardCapita DOA SnowboardCapita DOA Snowboard


Who Are Capita Snowboards?

Capita is all about the love of snowboarding. That feeling when you land an awesome trick, score some sick powder or have that first cold beer after a hard days shredding. Capita have bottled up that euphoric feeling and injected it into their snow products to give their customers the best experience possible.  

Capita DOA Snowboard 2020

What Is The Capita DOA Snowboard? 

The Capita DOA Snowboard sums up everything Capita is about into one solid snowboard. Its the go-to freestyle deck that you can take anywhere and everywhere. It has won countless awards including Transworld Good Wood every single year of its existence. 

 Capita DOA Snowboard

How Is The Capita DOA Snowboard Made?

Now for the techy stuff. It is a true twin with a centred stance so geared towards an all-mountain freestyle snowboard. It is rated a 5.5 flex on the scale (10 being the stiffest) so pretty much bang in the middle; not too stiff/ not too soft. Its camber type is a Resort V1 profile. This type has taken all the good points of camber, reverse camber and zero camber and mixed it together to get the best of all worlds. You have the power and response of normal camber between the feet, then the predictability and easy turning of zero camber on the outside of your bindings towards the nose/ tail, then reverse camber to give you that floaty, catch free feel on the nose/ tail of your snowboard…..they call this the Flat Kick Technology or “Wah-Pow”! Then to make it even stronger and poppier, there are carbon fibre beams running most of the length of the board (2 x 30mm). These are also super light weight. 

Capita DOA Snowboards 

The there is Fortress Kevlar Bound Sidewalls that offer heavy duty protection against all the gnarly shit you will be putting your snowboard through on the mountain. Also, full ABS1000 Sidewalls. It’s also has 360 degree HRC48 Steel edges to add into the mix. The grip you obtain on a turn will be out of this world. 


The Base of the DOA is FSC Certified Dual Core which is Poplar core combined with Beech for its durability. Then for the Biaxial top / Biaxial Bottom, you have Super Blend Fiberglass and Magic Bean Resin. Sounds whacky??! So Magic Bean Resin has been developed over a 3 year span and has a bio-content of 60% renewable, agricultural raw material and is plant based. When it produces no waste or greenhouse emissions when its made. It allows you to reduce the wood core thickness but still providing optimal energy return out. The Magic bean Resin is so strong that it means you can use less of it so a lighter snowboard. Then new for this season (2020) is the Quantum Drive Base. Its an updated sintered ultra-high molecular weight and ultra-high density polyethylene. Basically your average sintered base just got super-charged. 

 Capita DOA Snowboards

The Topsheet is Multitech level 4 DeepSpace Silkscreen + PAM16000 Topsheet with Metallic Underlay- this is eco friendly with no laquer. It looks pretty awesome too as it allows you to layer ink on several layers so you can imbue graphics with a sense of depth. Ooooo trippy!!!! It’s also uses PLT Topsheet Technology that is exclusive to CAPiTA MFG. It magically bonds the topsheet to an already pressed snowboard in such a way that produces a featherlight, smooth, high gloss finish without thick toxic lacquer on top that many other snowboards have to smooth it. But if I told you exactly how this was done, I would have to kill you….

 Capita DOA Snowboards

The to set your stance on the DOA you have 4 x 2 Stainless Steel inserts. The snowboard comes in 7, yes 7 different lengths; 148, 150, 152, 154, 156, 158, 160 and also “wide” options. We have most lengths available at The Board Basement for you snowboarding needs. 

Who Is Corey Smith?

Now a little about the artist who has designed the unusual graphic on the Capita DOA Snowboard. Introducing Corey Smith. Corey is a Multimedia Artist who lives in between LA, Tahoe and Portland. He grew up skateboarding which then led to a snowboard career. He took a break from this but the re-exploded back into the snowboard scene with his avant garde handmade snowboard company “Spring Break”. These were very experimental and used a future primitive snowboard design that caught the attention of many and ended up being quite a symbolic movement in the snowboard world. His art work is quirky to say the least, but it's the sort of art that really makes you take notice and look twice. They are a combination of sunny califormain optimism and morbid premonition or “death valley realism”. Smith also uses photography work which often features close friends, relatives or lovers. They abandon irony for a more intimate perspective. He documents his subjects where the excess bleeds into empathy or impossibility. The DOA series is all based on the concept of powerful “Personal Pyramids” or Mind Development Chambers, surrendering yourself to the true healing powers. These document several of his church followers. Pretty out there, but it works.

Capita DOA Snowboard Corey Smith 

There you have it, the hype is real and the love is legit. Deep and meaningful (sometimes crazy) graphics and a snowboard that is ALIVE in every way. Come and see for yourselves. The Capita DOA Snowboard 2020, the ultimate, show-stopping ride. 

And how about checking out the female version of the DOA......Birds Of A Feather. Same same but for rad chicks!