Not to be confused with the creepy crustaceans that lurks in rock pools, Crab Grabs inhabit snowier climates and can be found attaching themselves to snowboards to be used as Stomp Pads.

Snowboard stomp pads are little traction pads that you can stick onto your snowboard to stop your back foot slipping around. This can be when you’re one-footing, getting on and off a chairlift, added steering control or just extra grip when you are grabbing your snowboard. 

Crab Grabs Mega Claws Crab Grabs Mega ClawsCrab Grabs Mega ClawsCrab Grabs Mega Claw

Snowboard traction mats have also become a cool snowboard accessory to have and now come in loads of cool designs. Crab Grabs are up there with the coolest cats in the stomp pad world.

Crabs Grab stomp pads are lighter and have more flex than your average hard plastic stomp pad. The soft foam squishies into the tread of the snowboard boots creating a solid bond and maximum grip. 

Crab Grabs Mini Claws                        Crab Grabs Mini Claws

Crab Grabs are a small family run business started in 2010, known as “the biggest little company in snowboarding”. Its run by husband Preston Strout and wife Dawn Strout and friend AK (Andrew Kelly, who we actually had the pleasure of spending a season with in Australia). They have together basically reinvented crappy redundant stomp pads that you see on rental snowboards that no one ever uses. They have given traction pads a mega face lift, made them cool again and made them useful. With all the modern “one footed” snowboard tricks riders are doing these days, they have never been so useful. The Crab Grab brand represents a simple love of snowboarding and what snowboarding is really about; not those crazy triple corks and snowboard gymnastics, but just hitting up your local park on a mellow day with a few mates and having a blast.

Crab Grabs Mini Shark Crab Grabs Mini Shark

The Crab Grab collection this year has your usual mixture of of crab claw designs in various colours (Mega Claws, Mini Claws, The Bone), and also some square grips pads (Shark Teeth and Board Thornes). There is now also a Phone Traction Pad to the range, making your phone easy to grip and super stylish. 

Crab Grab Trap                Crab Grab Trap

However, our favourite addition to this years range is the exciting “Board Poop”!!! This is not a piece of crap, it's actually a really good traction pad to have on your snowboard and will put people off stealing your snowboard as it will look like you have a big s**t on it!! It has all the tech that all the normal Crab Grab products have; C-Foam- specifically formulated rubbery foam construction that light weight and heavy duty, POS Design- One Piece Construction, Gripples- signature texture for extra grip. The Board Poop also comes in pink. 

Crab Grab Board Poop            Crab Grab The Bone

Crab Grabs, improving topsheets and giving Crabs a good name since 2010. Come check out the newest collection fresh off the dock at The Board Basement.