Here at The Board Basement we often get asked about protective equipment such as impact shorts, body armor, helmets, shin pads, knee pads we do it all! We have a range of products and brands across this protective equipment category. One brand we deal with quite often is Demon protection which is a US company offering every form of body protection. Demon have a partnership with D30 – A British company which offers a protective material that combines enhanced chemistry with product engineering to produce high performance shock absorption and impact protection solutions. Sounds fancy hey?! It is and it offers great protection against impacts, crashes and accidents while out on the snow.

So how does D30 work? Remember that funny test with cornstarch and water? It is where you have a certain consistency of corn starch to water ratio and when you put your hand in you can slowly move your hand through it as a liquid but when you move your hand quickly or slap it it acts a solid. These are called dilatant fluids which is what D30 is based on.

Basically the molecules in D30 can slip past each other when pressed slowly allowing for comfort whilst wearing a D30 piece of protection, however when hit with an impact or sudden force the molecules lock together and form a hard protective surface which will dissipate impact and absorb shock. The result is a material which can absorb twice as much impact and dissipate the energy over an area 4 times greater.

As you can imagine this gives great protection for you whilst out on the mountain and Demon offer a D30 version of pretty much everything they make! Impact shorts, body armour, shin guards, knee guards, elbow guards, spine guards and coccyx protection. We stock most here at The Board Basement and even have some of last years products at a discount price! So whether you are looking for discount impact shorts, cheap body armour, cheap shin guards or spine guards we should have you covered with Demon x D30!