Imagine carving down a deserted mountain road, the sun setting over the hazy dusty hills, the sea glittering in the far distance. That feeling of the ground descending beneath your feet and the wind whistling through your loose sun kissed hair. Everything you need for that moment at your fingertips, and a whole world of possibilities under your feet.

The sensation of an Evolve Electric skateboard is like no other. Evolve is one of the top brands in the eSkate community to cater to high end customers. They are hot-stuff right now. Evolve have quite literally evolved the concept of longboarding by combining it with the latest technologies. Their boards are among the most highly tuned ones on the market today.

 Evolve Skateboards


An electric skateboard is used as a personal mode of travel for commuting or just for fun. Its design is based on a skateboard but a handheld remote control is used to determine the speed. Then much like a normal skateboard, you use your body to turn it by shifting your weight.

Jeff Anning was the original creator of Evolve. He first stumbled across an electric skateboard whilst on a surf trip on the Gold Coast in Australia. He felt inspired, and immediately went online to try and source one to buy for himself. But alas he was disappointed when he ordered one. It didn’t quite give him the same buzz that snowboarding, surfing and skating gave him. However, he was a keen-bean and determined not to be disheartened, he set about designing a better one. This time using real skate parts (trucks/ wheels etc) to give it more of an authentic feel.

He spent 3 whole years beavering away at this. He came up with a prefect mechanical set up that would attach to an actual longboard. In July 2012 the first lot of boards were finished and sent out to eager customers. Less than a few weeks later, they were totally sold out. Everyone had got wind of how fun and what good quality they were. They were light, responsive, longer running and more reliable than their original counterparts.  The popularity of Evolve Electric Skateboards had begun.



Today the range of Evolve Skateboards do even more than they have ever done before. They can hold precise carves like never before and they can climb hills of 25% gradient. They can be set at 4 different speeds (slow, eco, fast and GT) depending on your skill/style/mood. They have ABS regenerative braking, making stopping smoother and the acceleration more fluid. The skateboards offer stability and maximum control with either a low-profile carbon fibre or bamboo deck, both super stylish. Evolve offer a diverse range of boards suited to different environments with interchangeable wheels for different terrains. The engines now make minimal noise making you're super-stealth whilst cruising around. The R2 control has a digital LCD screen to check you battery/speed/trip function/wheel and gear settings.

Basically, they are the bomb!

 GTR Series

GTR Series

These are the new and very much anticipated range of electric skateboards from Evolve. The hype about these new boards has been unreal. They have just been officially released AND we will have them at The Board Basement very soon……

GTR Carbon SeriesGTR Bamboo Series

There are 2 boards in this series, The Bamboo Series and The Carbon Series. Aesthetically wise, these look high quality and are tastefully designed. They have matt finished trucks, sleek modern lines but yet a classic look. In each series there are 2 boards to choose from; a Bamboo/ Carbon Street or a Bamboo/ Carbon All-Terrain. They also have 2 IN 1 option so you can easily switch the wheels over depending on the terrain. This makes it one of the most versatile electric skateboards out there, not to mention great value for money.

GTR Carbon SeriesGTR Bamboo Series

Evolve seemed have ironed out many of the issues they had with the 3rd generation GT series; early braking curves at high speeds, jerky throttle applications, inconsistent power, remote disconnections, battery life, waterproofing, bumpy wheels/ride.

GTR Carbon SeriesGTR Bamboo Series

With the GTR Series, pretty much everything has been improved with a forward way of thinking. There is a new motor construction with a focus on reliability and stronger components. Regenerative braking and braking at speeds is now smoother and more predictable. There is 3000 watt of power in the GTR Series boards. There is also improved waterproofing by runner gaskets and better sealing. Battery life is now longer (from 2-3 hours to 10 hours plus!). Batteries also run exactly the same as if it’s running at 10% or 100%. There is also a travel battery option, very handy. The GTR Series have a new and improved formula for the wheels that grip the road well and sail over potholes/ bumpy terrain. There is more flex in the decks BUT yet they are stronger. There are also multiple mounting holes to alter your riding position more. The controller and wireless communication have changed to bluetooth. You can adjust your speed/ power/ride variations via your phone, SWANKY! The icing on the cake is the plug and play LED strips down the side of the boards. These don’t draw much power, yet definitely give the board the added WOW factor.


So, there you go, the new long-awaited GTR Series by Evolve. Curious? Dubious? Excited? Come and see for yourself. The GTR series will be landing soon at The Board Basement. WATCH THIS SPACE…………