Summer has finally here and it’s time to get savvy with your shades. From classic Aviator style sunnies to oversized statement glasses; ones with mirrored lenses to ones with polarized lenses; frames with funky patterns and subtle frames that ooze coolness without even trying. Whatever your style we have a HUGE selection to choose from here at The Board Basement. But where on earth do you start? 


Here is our guide to buying the perfect sunglasses FOR YOU



Most important thing is to figure out what shape face you have and the styles that might suit you. A good way to do this is: stand at arm's length in front of a mirror and use a washable marker/ lip stick to trace the outline of your face. Once you are done, stand back and have a look what shape you are left with. Make sure you follow your hairline to your chin. 


Oval faces are longer from forehead to bottom of chin than they are across, with the middle section (brow, cheek bones, jaw line) all being the same width. Oval faces are supposed to be the “ideal” shape. Celebs with oval faces are Jude Law, Kate Middleton and Jessica Alba.

Sunglasses to fit an oval-shaped face

You’re lucky if you have an oval face as most styles suit this shape. In particular a pair of chunky sunglasses look really good. Make sure the frames upper part is inline with your eyebrows and as wide as your face or a little wider. 


Vonzipper Donmega Sunglasses Bourbon Gloss Copper Chrome   Vonzipper Poly Sunglasses Colur Swirl Gradient




Heart shaped faces are wider at the temples and then narrow at the a heart! The cheek bones follow the same line and then taper at the jaw line and the chin is pointed. Celebs with heart shaped faces are Reece Witherspoon and Leonardo Di Caprio.

Sunglasses to fit a heart-shaped face

The Aviator style is perfect for heart shaped faces, or any glasses that are narrower at the bottom and wider at the top. This will balance out the upper part of your face by making the lower part appear wider. Aim for a frame that equals the width of your face but is wider at the top that then bottom, like a “teardrop” shape. Bright or natural coloured frames work best.

Vonzippper Farva Sunglasses Silver Satin Quasar


Square shaped faces normally have a wide jawline and forehead that are the same width. The chin is flat across and broad and the hairline is straight. Celebs with square shaped faces are Rihanna, Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake.

Sunglasses to fit a square-shaped face

Sunglasses that are round soften the harsh lines of a square shaped face. “Cats-eye” shapes or anything with gentle curves will help balance and complement the face shape. Sunglasses that equal the width of your face and glasses with coloured frames work best or even frameless glasses.  

Vonzipper Stax Sunglasses Translucent Emerald Grey Gradient    Vonzipper Hitsville Sunglasses Quartz Tort Gloss Brown Gradient  Vintage Grey





Round shaped faces are the same height and width the whole way around with soft features and lines. They have small rounded chins and cheekbones are the widest point of the face. Celebs with round shaped faces are Drew Barrymore, Kristen Dunst and Elija Wood.

Sunglasses to fit a round-shaped face

Sunglasses with angular or square frames will help add definition to a round face. Sunglasses with a dark frame will visually lengthen your face and a frame where the width is greater than the height will help balance out the proportions. 

Oakley Silver Sunglasses Polished BlackElectric Hard Knox Sunglasses



Oblong/ Rectangular

Oblong shaped faces have straight cheek bones with a pointy chin. They are longer than they are wide and narrow in width. Celebs with oblong shaped faces are Victoria Beckham, Ryan Gosling and Kim Kardashian 

Sunglasses to fit an oblong-shaped face

Go round and go LARGE! Transparent lenses and slender frames can also work well. The aim is to make your face seem wider.

Vonzipper Lula Black White Grey 



Each pair of sunglasses come with a different lens. All of our sunglasses offer 100% UV protection but they are so many different types:

Iridium lenses: this coating helps reduce the glare from the sun, light transmission, light absorption and reflection. Iridium lens are mirrored so hide your eyes so look really stealthy. Iridium lenses also come in different colours. 

oakley Stringer Sunglasses Matte Black Jade Iridium

Polarized lenses: shield again discomforting glares, blocking out all harmful UV rays and other light rays and give you a clearer vision whilst wearing them. You can get sunglasses with a combined iridium AND polarized lens.

Oakley Sunglasses Thinlink Matte Black Torch Iridium Polarized Lens

Chrome lenses: fine tune light heightening contracts, enhance colours and perception and also filter UV rays.

 VonZipper Sunglasses Levee in Tort Satin Blue Chrome

Prizm lenses: is a term by Oakley (other brands have their own term). It is lens technology to enhance detail, contrast, colour and depth perception. Basically they make everything look really vivid and sharp: a lot of athletes use these type of lenses.  


Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses Apocalypse Surf Prizm Daily Polarized


Gradient lenses: are darker at the top and then lighter at the bottom. This is good for activities such as driving as they shield your eyes from the sun at the top, and then are lighter at the bottom allowing you to see your dashboard more clearly. Although it must be noted here that a darker lens does not protect your eyes anymore. 


 VonZipper Sunglasses Buelah in Black Satin Blue Grey Gradient


You should aim for the frame to be as wide as your face, unless deliberately going “oversized”. They should not fall off your face when you put your head forward and they should not feel too tight and sore behind your ears. Check on the Board Basment website under “specifications” to check the “sunglasses face size” to make sure you are buying the correct size. 



We stock sunglasses from Oakley, Vonzipper, Electric, Dragon and Smith. These all range from entry level sunnies to top-of-the-range sunglasses and sport specific glasses. 

Sunglass Cabinate The Board Basement

Fun Tip: Sunglasses should make your face “smile” ie: uplift it not make it look all droopy 


Droopy Face Syndrome