The 686 Snowboard Outerwear is fresh out the box here at The Board Basement. We have been excitedly unwrapping the packaging like it's christmas morning. We have snowboard jackets, pants, snowboard gloves and soft apparel for men, women and kids. 686 Technical Apparel believe in life without limits, and their innovative and unique collections represent this. The 2020 collection pushes the boundaries even further, and we are stoked about the products we have for you. 


Our firm favourite every year is the 686 Men’s Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo Pants. Why are they our go-to men’s snowboard pants? Well, only Smarties have the answer……

 Men's 686 Smarty 3-in-1 Snowboard Pants

686 Technical Apparel was started by Michael Akira West as a class project whilst at University of Southern California in 1992. Mike drew his inspiration from hanging out in Big Bear Mountain and gathering ideas based around the snowboard scene in California. In 1995, Jib 686 Enterprises became 686 Enterprises and this iconic year also saw the birth of the 686 Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo Pant. These pants still have some of the original features today.


The 2020 686 Men’s Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo Pants don't disappoint. The biggest selling point is the new Duracore 20k fabric (infiDRY) as it's the most durable material on the market.  Every infiDRY fabric is put through hours of vigorous testing to ensure the utmost breathability, waterproofing and durability. Together with 686 DWR (Durable Water Repellency), you will definitely not be getting wet and cold in these snowboard pants.

Men's 686 Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo Snowboard Pants 2020 

Layering is key whilst snowboarding. Temperatures can vary so much on the mountain that being able to regulate your body temperature is so important. 686 are leading the way in the snowsports industry for versatile jackets and pants with an integrated removable layering system. You can wear one garment in multiple ways. The Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo Pants have a Smarty Stretch Polyfleece Pant Liner (great movement) and 20k Waterproof Outer Shell. Wear them both together, or one at a time….3 options! 


Seams… these are fully taped Bemis seams to stop the snow or any moisture getting in, together with a wrapped side seam design for added durability. These give the snowboard pants guaranteed waterproofing. It also has UltraDurable Fabrication and Core Ultra Thread, all adding to the pants ultimate bomb proofing! 


Men's 686 Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo Snowboard Pants 2020 

The snowboard pants have even more features; a hidden seam stash pocket (totally up to you what you put in here!), AND a belt loop stash pocket. So many secret hiding places! For  your comfort, the snowboarding trousers have “Double Duty Waist Snaps” to customise your fit together with the external waist adjustments. “Air-FloTM Mesh Lined Inner Leg Vents” keep you nice and fresh out on the hill and they also come with a boot gusset with snap closure,a boot gaiter and boot lace hook. This will stop the snow getting in which is especially handy in all that deep powder you will be riding. The really good thing about this is that they also have a Boa compatible boot system which means its super easy to make tweaks to your snowboard boots when you are on the mountain. An added function to stop the snow going down your pants is the “Pant Jacket ConnectTM System”, nothing worse than soggy boxers!

Men's 686 Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo Snowboard Pants 2020 


To finish off these awesome snowboard pants, to make them super robust for all your gnarly riders, the pants are made with 500D Horseshoe HemTM and a 500D Reinforced Inner Kick Panel. Most importantly, you will never forget your lift pass with the lift ticket eyelet on the belt loop. 


Men's 686 Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo Snowboard Pants 2020 


The Men’s 686 Smarty 3-in-1 cargo Snowboard Pants come in various different colours and with “tall” and “short” options so you can buy something that's specifically tailored to you. 

Men's 686 Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo Snowboard Pants 2020  Men's 686 Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo Snowboard Pants 2020

A final point is: did you know that all 686 products with infiDRY is 100% machine washable??? So this includes the Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo Pants! When your snowboard pants get dirty, this can affect its waterproofing and breathability. So luckily you can restore them to their original beautiful state by washing them with Nikwax. Job done! Fresh pants.


So to answer the original question, the Men’s 686 Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo Snowboard Pants are VERY versatile. Not only do you get 3 different outfit options, but because of the amount of crazy tech they put into the designs, they are one of the most adaptable and multifaceted snowboard pants on the market today.

Men's 686 Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo Snowboard Pants 2020