Lobster. Yup, those guys. If you’ve seen the videos and heard the names (brothers Halldor and Eiki Helgason) you’ll understand that snowboarding is more than a sport to these guys, more than competitions, video parts and photo shoots, snowboarding is as it should be, one big party riot with your friends! So why not make snowboards that… well they say it best………

“We started Lobster because we wanted to be able to create our own boards exactly the way we wanted, with our own style and our own flavour graphics on quality boards. And of course, we use 3BT (triple base technology) because nothing else makes sense if you think about it! Hell Yeah!” Eiki and Halldor Helgason

Lobster Jibboard & Switch Back Bindings Set

January 2018, I found myself taking a day out of my Morzine life to head to La Clusaz for the Avant Premiere snowboard test. I tried and tested many different brands, some I’m familiar with, some I’ve even avoided previously and one that I found handed to me by a young guy in a camp chair, roughly shaven, dodgy ‘stache, with a cigarette in his hand and snowboard pants that had probably seen their best 4 seasons ago, I looked down and realised that was essentially a mirror image of me…

I had a Lobster Eiki Pro 148cm (I’m 170cm ish) snowboard on my feet, open minded and ready for some party laps. Having had park type snowboards throughout most of my life I was feeling this could be another case of “I like it but I’ll stick to my daily choice”. What I wasn’t prepared for within the first 100 meters off the gondola was, “oh **** this is awesome!” being openly exclaimed to smiling but mildly perplexed fellow testers.

Lobster Eiki Snowboard

The Lobster Eiki Pro snowboard is super flexy, hella poppy and another level of lightness. Spinning in the air is a breeze, and it’s so light it feels like your riding on one. Though you can continue to hold a solid edge and keep the power on when boosting about combined with catch free edges and plenty of float. This is due to Lobster snowboards using 3BT (triple base technology). I’ll try not to bore anyone here, but it goes a little something like this:

-Between the bindings, positive camber that, under loading, makes a flat base from edge to edge, providing maximum control of the snowboard no matter what.

-Progressing past the bindings a slight rise of the base toward the edges. For an easy transition in turning and buttering, minimising chances of catching an edge.

-Away from the bindings area, toward the tip and tail, max uplift zone where you see three surfaces. Middle being flat and either side of that a more accentuated uplift to the edges. More float in pow, smoother ride, eats up choppy terrain. Called SideKick, this continues to the very ends of the snowboard.

Wrap all this info up and consider the fact that a base with 3 dimensions is going to be easier and more forgiving to ride compared to conventional bases with one dimension. Just the motion of going from one edge to the other becomes fluid and natural. Be sure to get hold of a snowboard with 3BT someday, it might just be a revelation, a break from the norm and open up a new riding feel for you…

The Eiki Pro Lobster snowboard was a dream for me. Easy to ride, jib around all day and lap the park and side hits effortlessly and endlessly and not be afraid to dip into some softer stuff too. While the graphics aren’t quite my thing and maybe not others cup of tea, you just need to consider they’re an insight into someone’s wonderful mind. Ultimately, I dare anyone not to have fun on this snowboard!

There are also some more exciting collabs in the Lobster range.....check them out....

Lobster Danny Larsen Snowboard

Lobster Schoph Snowboard