Picture are a brand with love for skiing and snowboarding, love for all mountain activities in-fact, and an even bigger love for mother nature. They are a company trying to make a difference in the snow sports world through clothing. Think about past ski or snowboard jackets or pants you’ve owned; where did they come from? What were they made from? Where did they go? I’d hazard a guess at from China, made mostly from unsustainable plastics and fabrics and now lying dormant but entirely intact in a landfill somewhere.

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Think about Chamonix and Mont Blanc, an incredibly beautiful place in France and the birthplace of mountaineering, it’s pristine nature… surely? No. The water found in the lakes and water sources above Chamonix are polluted, not with your usual suspects of cigarette butts and plastic bottles, but with invisible PFC (perfluorocarbons) that are chemicals used as a water repellent found on a lot of outdoor use garments. They have run off clothing from visitors and entered the water system and the animals that live there and drink from them. Shocking isn’t it? Plastics and chemicals are the blight of the modern world. Picture are here to do their part to reduce our impact on the environment, so we can go out there with a clearer conscience and continue to enjoy snowboarding and skiing and preserve our planet.

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Three fun and life loving guys from France, Julien, Jeremy and Vincent, got together to create a brand. From the designing to the manufacturing, use of the product to the end of life, they strive to create products that are responsibly made.

“When we launched Picture in 2008, sustainable development and conservation of the environment were strong values that we deemed absolutely necessary to build into the brand.”

All of Pictures technical products incorporate 50% recycled polyester from plastic bottles, this means that Picture jacket you put on is made from 50 recycled plastic bottles and contain no harmful chemicals! The process is impressive, PET bottles chopped into flakes, melted to pellets, melted and extruded to create fibrous yarn which is baled and processed into fabric to begin the creation of the jacket. The plastic bottles must come from somewhere however and Pictures creators realised that ocean going container ships were returning to Asia (where Picture manufacture their clothing) empty, after a delivery. A waste of energy ultimately but an opportunity to transport the necessary materials needed to make Pictures’ clothing from the northern hemisphere to their factories.

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To address the water repellent PFC problem, Picture simply don’t use any, none whatsoever, in no stage of the manufacturing process or in the completed products. Instead they use renewably sourced Teflon EcoElite Technology that maintains its ability to repel water even after multiple washes, and furthermore retain its breathability too.

A wonderful touch to each garment is that no two are alike. The liners are made from what would normally be burned off cuts from various factory floors. Picture couldn’t let this happen. So they gather up these previously meaningless left overs and create uniquely designed liners, no more mixing jackets up!

Picture don't just make winetr outerwear either, they have snowboard helmets, boot bags, thermals and neck gaitors too....all with the same ethos of course.

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