Spring Break has arrived yewwwwww!!!! Are you ready to P.A.R.T.Y???!!

 Ronix Spring Break Womens Wakeboard

Feel the rhythm under your feet and have the best shindig of your life with the new Ronix 2019 Spring Break Women’s Wakeboard.

I have just walked through the door after testing this playful wakeboard at The North Devon Wakeboard Park. The Spring Break is the top selling Ronix wakeboard for women, and I can quite see why. First thing I was drawn to was the graphics, I mean, I’m a girl!! It has a huge pink ice lolly on the base and bright bold colours on the top sheet. Looking at it, it definitely has the WOW factor.

Ronix Spring Break Womens Wakeboard

The board doesn’t disappoint on the water either. It’s a specific cable park board with an emphasis on HAVING FUN.  If you enjoy that loose skatey feel, then this is the board for you. It’s fun shape and design gives you a lot more freedom than your average wakeboard. The base of the board really fast and slidey on top of the water and on the obstacles, allowing you to tweak out those tricks more easily. It has an all over flex pattern meaning it manoeuvres into a slide/position more easily and is super forgiving. It is still stiffer in between your feet so you don’t lose any of that pop out of the features or stability. But then it's really soft in the nose and tail to help you exaggerate that press. No channels mean you don’t get “stuck” in any positions: it lets you do whatever you want to do and never holds you back.

Ronix Spring Break Womens Wakeboard

I felt like this board glided around the corners easily and kept you nice and on top of the water. I felt confident to move it around quickly on the surface and it didn’t feel catchy. On the obstacles, it felt solid on the landings and very loose and easy to play around with tricks on top of the features. I didn’t have to put much effort into moving from edge to edge.  It’s a really durable wakeboard with a sintered base and added vertically poured urethane speed walls so it also protects the obstacles in the park.

A lot of the top pros use this wakeboard but it’s actually a really good board for any level due to its softer flex and forgiving feel. So this means great value for money as you are getting a wakeboard to see you through all the levels of progression right up to when you become pro and take over the world!!

So all in all I would say this is a great “happy” wakeboard to help you get over those post Spring Break blues!

The PARTY has only just begun......

Ronix Spring Break Womens Wakeboard-Katie Testing

NB: I rode this in torrential rain and it was definitely a pick-me-up