In the snowboard market today there are such a large variety of different boards with different shapes and cambers. How do you know which one is going to be right for you? A lot depends on "what kind of snowboarder you are", but it is massively to do with personal preference too. It could just be a case of experimenting and seeing which one works best for you.
Here is a brief outline of the different shapes/cambers to help make that decision easier:

Traditional Camber: The original shape of a snowboard. Its only in recent years that snowboards have started to mutate into other weird and wonderful shapes. Camber boards arch upwards in the middle of the board in between your bindings, then have contact with the snow directly underneath your feet. They go up again at the nose and tail. This is good for all round mountain riders, and certainly good for those who love carving. You have to work hard to get the most out of this type of board, but when you do, the "pop" is amazing. Good for going fast, holding an edge and very responsive when used correctly.

Camber Snowboard

Rocker/ Reverse Camber: The opposite of Camber, its shaped like a banana! It curves downwards towards the snow in-between your bindings, then flicks up underneath your feet and at the nose and tail of the board.  This is normally a soft board, easy to work, forgiving and playful. A lot of park riders use these boards as it’s less likely to catch an edge. Although park riders prefer it for rails than jumps as its so soft. This is also a great board for powder as the raised nose means you will float effortlessly through white stuff!

Reverse Camber Snowboard

Flat Base/ Zero Camber: Some would say that this is the best of both worlds (Camber/ Rocker). It is in contact with the snow from the nose to the tail. This means it’s excellent for carving as your entire edge is in the snow, but less likely to catch an edge as your weight is distributed over a larger area. This board is a good all rounder, and a good choice if you cant decide between Camber/Rocker.

Zero Camber Snowboard

Hybrids/ Combined Camber: Now theses can come in all sorts of wacky combinations and can often look quite "wiggly"! They incorporate camber and rocker to create the "perfect" board. Each manufacturer/ brand has a different way of doing this in an attempt to come up with the ultimate board. Thought to be ideal for every type of snowboarding.

Hybrid Snowboard