A good pair of snowboard socks are vital for maximum comfort throughout a hard day of riding. Socks get abused by snowboarders and skiers; stinking, sweaty, constantly impacted and sliding around in a pair of big boots. I would easily get through double figures of socks in a season and after a few washes, I hated the way they seemed to lose their original shape and comfort. It’s a tough life for socks!

Stance Socks 

Five years ago, Stance socks popped up with some ideas to change this. Turning something we don’t generally put much thought to, into something with choice and some innovative technology that not only helps our feet, but looks damn good too! Combining artists and athletes, cultural influencers and a real feel for self-expression, Stance call this group Punks and Poets. From socks that represent the legendary punk band the Misfits to snowboarding’s Crab Grab brand. Stance have a range that flows with colour, taste and variety with products for every individual. Even Rhianna wears them!

Stance Socks Champagne Paradise

The 2019 range of snowboard socks is looking pretty darn good, featuring socks that are geared towards backcountry rippers, park slayers and all-mountain riders. How much research and design can you put into socks really? It turns out, quite a lot! The backcountry socks are a great example of the effort Stance put into their products. They’re made of a Merino wool blend that wicks moisture away from the foot, reducing the likelihood of rubbing and keeps you dry. A breathable performance mesh mena drier, fresher feet and less bacteria.The socks are made to be light-weight without compromising compression zones and have an engineered arch support enhances the secure feel of your sock in your boot. Ultimately the technology put into Stance socks is designed to adapt and react to your foot in every way.

 Stance Socks- Womens

Stance don’t limit themselves to just snowsports. Their socks can be used for casual every- day use; golf to running, NFL to skateboarding. Diversity reins, each with their own features to help your feet feel good. From snowboarding pros Silje Norendal and Sage Kotsenburg to surfer John Florence and even pop sensation Rhianna, Stance has a whole host of cultural icons that believe in and wear their socks. The Punks and Poets of our time.

Stance Socks -WomensStance Socks- MensStance Socks-Kids

Oh, and they do some seriously comfortable, durable and lightweight underwear for men and women.....with some seriously awesome collabs and designs.

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