They have arrived!!!!!!!

Why was the Lib Tech Travis Rice Orca the fastest selling snowboard of 2019???? 

Free Willy 

The clue is in the title. 


Like the Willy the Whale, the Lib Tech Mens Orca Snowboard is, strong, powderful, iconic, distinctive, smart and sophisticated. Combine this with the KING of snowboarding, Travis Rice himself, you have the ultimate recipe for a killer snowboard. The Lib Tech Orca is certainly “the top of the food chain” in the snowboarding world. The Orca is aimed at an intermediate/ advanced rider and is an all-mountain freestyle technical powder PREDATOR. Together with Lib Tech Magnetraction, its one of the top rated all mountain snowboards around. 

 Lib Tech Orca Snowboard 2020

What Makes The Lib Tech Orca Snowboard So Good?


Anwer: its genetics. The most groundbreaking feature of the Orca is the “Whale Tail” technology. Basically the shape of your typical fishtail powder-specific board has been revamped into swallow, cut-out shape to help you sink into the powder. This allows a great response from the board and to maneuver it well, even in the deepest of deep powder. With its short, steep rise and tight radius, there is no burying of the nose, even when you lean hard into the snow.  It then goes into an extra wide powder nose, true directional, giving you heaps of float and that dreamy surfy feel. It doesn't only perform amazing on the fresh fluffy stuff, but destroys anything in its path. Due to its MTX Magne Traction edge (7 bumps all together), it cuts through crud and holds its own on steep, icy conditions due to its extra contact with the snow. It also has a Polonia and Aspen (75% recycled) woodcore which makes it super lightweight but strong because of its triaxial and biaxial fiberglass struts to enhance pop.  It definitely has the torsional strength and stability of a Killer Whale, but with the lightning responses and reactions of a cat!


Lib Tech Orca 2020 

The only time when a generous waistline is a positive thing…... it's  26.7cm wide which is good as it means you can really shift your weight over onto the edges to slay those carves, without worrying about toe drag. Its a BTX Banana Technology rocker shape which means its great for all-terrain freestyle, so definitely not limited to powder and can perform anywhere. It comes with an Eco Sub Poly Topsheet, not only tough but you are doing your bit for the environment by shredding this awesome snowboard! Also eco-friendly are the UHMW sidewalls due to the lack of toxic ABS. They also have UHMW on the tip and tail for impact deflection, protects your snowboard from bashes, dings and de-lams, and makes it fast, hard and waterproof. Added to this is the birch internal sidewalls which have 90 degree pop technology and power transfer spines- all developed originally in Lib Tech Skateboards. 


Now the base, this is a fast as a killer whale chasing a seal because its an Eco Sublimated Sintered base. This is highly durable with a good wax absorption. To round off this beautiful king of boards, it has carbon stiffening and an extended core giving its top notch performance. Each Orca is handcrafted in the USA and have the individual makers mark of approval. 

 Lib Tech Orca 2020

Graphics wise, every year they take inspiration from the stunning Orcas themselves and their distinctive black and white colouring. The 2020 model is simple and striking, turning heads on the mountain as this snowboard carnivore swishes passed. 


On par with Willy The Whale is Travis Rice, leader of the pod in the snowboard world. Anything that Travis Rice is involved with you just know is going to be EPIC. The Orca eats all the other less superior snowboards for breakfast.


Travis Rice in an american professional snowboarder, named the best contemporary snowboarder in the world by Redbull. He exploded onto the scene at the age of 18 when he entered Snowboarder’s Magazine “Superpark” as an unknown/ un-sponsored rider. He impressed everyone by launching a huge backside rodeo off a 110 foot gap. From that moment he started to dominate the snowboard world, winning so many prestigious titles and competitions and landing some seriously heavy video parts. He completely slays the back country and even started his own event called Red Bull Supernatural. This combines freestyle snowboarding with the natural terrain/ backcountry snowboarding, with the aim to find the best all round snowboarder in the world. 


Lib Tech Orca 

The Lib Tech 2020s Orca is a collaboration with Travis Rice, with the goal to create the absolute dream snowboard. 


We can safely say he has indeed achieved this. Free Willy!!!!!


We stock The 2020 Lib Tech Orca in 3 sizes  (147cm, 153cm, 159cm). You can ride them shorter than your average snowboard as they are a “volumized” snowboard (wider to give you extra float in powder).


Fun Fact: Did you know that orginally the Lib Tech Orca only used to come in one size? Just size 153. The when they realised how popular it was, Lib Tech relased more sizes. This years sees the most sizes yet. 

Lib Tech Orca Snowboard 2020 

The Lib Tech Travis Rice Orca 2020 is going to fly out the door quicker than you can say “smoke me a kipper”. So get yourself down to The Board Basement before it’s too late.