Have you ever been held back giving 100% to the sport you love because you can't see properly? Oakley has designed an advanced lens technology to be used in their snow goggles and sunglasses to enhance colour and contrast in your vision. Some may say that they are the best snowboard goggles on the market today. 



How Does A PRIZM Lens Work?


Traditional goggle and sunglass lenses force us to make a compromise between all of the necessary colours we see around us and the extra colours that we don't really need to see. A PRIZM lens works to filter out all of the added “noisy” colours whilst enhancing the colors we actually need for the ultimate vision. This innovation uses hyperspectral imaging which is what they use in spy satellites. Engineers identified spectral peaks in nature and various conditions and then made a lens dye that was created to match the absorption peaks.These promoted good light and filtered out the unnecessary ones. As a result, this cutting edge technology helps the human eye to be more sensitive to detail which means better performance and safety. You can actually see more than the naked eye as depth perception is greater and features in the surrounding environment are highlighted. 

 Oakley PRIZM Lens


Oakley PRIZM Lens


What Are PRIZM Lenses Made Out Of?


PRIZM lenses are made out of Plutonite, which is a high grade polycarbonate and highly impact resistant (perfect for snowboarding). Plutonite is melted down to a liquid and then dyes and tints are added to give it the desired result. The UV protection can never be scratched off as it’s infused into the lens. There is also no fading over time. So a pretty bullet proof technology to use in snowboard goggles.  


Why Are PRIZM Lens Good For Snowboarding?


Oakley PRIZM lens are amazing for snowboarding for many reasons. PRIZM Snow goggles are sport specific, fine tuned for this specific environment where we are so often faced mother nature and bad weather days. When the visibility is bad, PRIZM lenses harpen perceptions to make things more clear and react quicker, ideal when snowboarding as you have to react to the environment immediately. They allow you to read the lines and the bumps in the snow more clearly and with the boosted contrast, enable you to spot things way easier. Changing lenses due to weather on the mountain can be a MASSIVE faff. A PRIZM lens reacts to all weather conditions, blocking out reflective glare from light (bright sun and snow- good weather) AND enhancing details in low light (bad weather). No more fumbling on chair lifts with freezing cold hands trying to change lenses. Get the maximum or minimum amount of light you need based on the weather. Prizm snow goggles are available in a range of different tints

Oakley Prizm Lens Oakley Prizm Lens



Although polarized is a totally different technology, they are great at doing what they do. Most PRIZM lenses ARE polarized, meaning they include a filter to block glare from reflective light (ie. the snow and the sun). However, some PRIZM lenses are not polarized, this is just because not every situation will require it and actually in some situations it may inhabit your vision. The main drawback to a polarized lens is that the polarized filter can cut out depth perception from the horizontal wavelength found in glare. But they ARE great for water based activities and of course driving. 


Do PRIZM Lenses Have UV Protection?


Yes! They block out 100% of UV, UVB and UVC and harmful blue light up to 400 nanometers. This benefits the long term health of your eyes and eyesight. This is SO important whilst you are snowboarding.  

Oakley PRIZM Lens Oakley PRIZM Lens

NB: Remember to fit your goggles with your helmet if you are using it for snowboarding as you don't want to end up with a “twat gap”!!!! ( a gap between your googles and helmet when they dont fit together properly).

Wearing a PRIZM lens is pretty much watching the world in HD, everything around you just seems even more alive and intense Oakley PRIZM lenses: creating a vivid and vibrant world for all.