Custom fit or heat mouldable is a common attribute of a snowboard boot these days, but what if I told you that not all "custom fit" liners work the same way?

The basic mouldable liners out there will take an imprint in selected zones, this is usually found in the heel area. But if you need more than that, the answer is to look at an Intuition liner.

An intuition liner works differently from all the other snowboard boot liners on the market as they use a closed cell foam construction, this allows the liner to be 100% customizable resulting in a 1 to 1 fit. The moulding process can be done in-store or naturally when riding, and can be completely remoulded if needed.The closed cell construction helps in other ways too as it controls the air and keeps the user very warm whilst being up to 500g lighter than some of its rivals.

Two brands that use and have been very successful using Intuition liners are K2 and Thirtytwo. They have been using Intuition liners right through their ranges from the cheap snowboard boots right up to the top end pro models.

   K2 Darko Snowboard Boot   32 Lashed Snowboard Boot   

The most popular Intuition lined snowboard boots are the K2 Darko snowboard boot and Thirtytwo Lashed snowboard boot as they offer perfect performance for the whole mountain.

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