Following on from our recent trip to Retallack Wake Park we got out on the road again to see what other wake parks are in the South West. Our usual spot we ride at is the amazing North Devon Wake Park who we work quite closely with. It's such a cool spot and we are very lucky to have it so close to us. But variety is the spice of life as they say, so out on the road we went to Kernow Adventure Park.


Kernow Adventure Park is situated in the Kessel Quarry, Penryn just 5 miles outside of Falmouth in sunny Cornwall. The granite quarry has been disused since the 90s and with a natural spring feeding into the quarry, the lake was eventually formed. As you drive down to the park it has a real quarry feel to it, high stone cliffs and shrub everywhere which makes you think, where do we go wakeboarding?


After parking up you see the back of the clubhouse in blue and when you enter you get a very pleasant surprise. You are in a long glass-fronted clubhouse with a panoramic view of the entire lake which honestly is spectacular! We were lucky enough to have near 30-degree temperatures and beaming sunshine and it felt like we were in Thailand rather than Cornwall.


The clubhouse has everything you need with some real coffees and food on sale at the lovely restaurant and bar with amazing views over the lake. The food is delicious and you can unwind with a beer after your session. Also in here are some very clean, well laid out changing rooms and a reception desk all with very welcoming, friendly staff.


Outside to the left of the building is a long, sandy, wellkept beach with an almost turquoise lake lapping the shore. Follow this down to the far left and you come to a floating pontoon out to the wake dock but more on that side of things shortly. Out of the middle door from the clubhouse is a terrace area with seating perfect for watching the Aqua Park which is right in front of you or the wakeboarding over to the left. Then finally out to the right of the clubhouse is another sandy beach with a more mellow slope into the lake ideal for paddling. This area far right of the lake is used for SUP or stand up paddle boarding and open water swimming. To say this place is idyllic is an understatement, this really is a spot of beauty. Back to the reason we went down there in the first place, wakeboarding! The cable park as previously mentioned is on the far left of the lake. There used to be two cables here, one intermediate and one expert, but after much consideration, the guys at Kernow decided to combine the two for a solid wake park for all ability levels. Kernow uses a System 2.0 and for those who do not know that is, it’s a two-point cable where you peel out to one side at the end while the cable reverses and goes back in the other direction, ideal for smaller lakes and tuition.


They have a pretty good setup to ride out there too, with 2 sets of kickers one on each side and both have a medium and large kicker as they are bolted together. They also have a decent set of rails on offer with a combo ledge with an incline to a ledge on one side and then a gap to down rail on the right, really good for any advanced riders out there. Further over they have a long round slider and a box slider which is stepped and is ideal for learning new tricks. Sessions are £20 for 15 minutes and they do offer multi buys too so you can save; 5 Sessions for £85, 10 for £160 or 20 for £300.


As previously mentioned there are other activities to do at Kernow Adventure park. One of the main attractions is the Aqua Park or Kernow Wipeout which is a floating inflatable assault course. It has trampolines, a climbing wall, balance beams and a bounce blob. Up to 30 people can be on at once and they even do timed runs so you can get competitive with your mates!


They also offer stand up paddle boarding or SUP so you can have a mellow cruise around out on the water and open water swimming. The open water swimming has been GPS tracked too and you can do a 400m lap.


If you are down Falmouth way or fancy a good day trip out make sure you go give Kernow Adventure Park a shout.