What do your kids really need out of a school bag???


It’s August already! Before you know it the children will be going back to school and you might be able to have a cup of tea in peace?! Make the return to school less of a drag by getting them kitted out with the best school backpacks from Dakine. These come with multiple pockets to store school equipment, water bottle holders, laptop sleeves and enough space for a school PE kit. The Dakine school packs come in so many different colours and designs, suitable for girls and boys and a variety of activities. Start the year in style.


Backpack Design

First of all, the backpack design is ideal for a school bag. It's easy to carry, sensible for the growing body and posture and leaves busy hands free to do important tasks. The straps need to be nice and padded for comfort and fully adjustable to suit its owner and be carried in the correct way. Dakine Backpacks are constructed so weight is distributed in a safe manner. 



Size wise, Dakine backpacks come in a range of different capacities from 6.5L (Dakine Womens Backpack Cosmo) to 33L (Dakine Backpack Campus). A small compact school bag could be good and easy to carry for those just starting school, then a larger more spacious backpack better for those off High School, College or even a school trip away. 



Come rain or shine, the kids HAVE to go to school. So best sending them in with a reliable waterproof bag to keep all of their school essentials dry and intact. Most Dakine backpacks are made from Polyester/ Nylon weave with a water repellent finish, good for that unexpected school run rain (why does it always rain at 8.45??!).



All Dakine school bags have ample storage: laptop sleeves, water bottle mesh side pockets, cooler pockets for food/ snacks, inner zipped compartments for notebooks/ house keys, duel outer pockets for pencil cases and roomy compartments for changes of clothes/ trainers/ raincoat.  Not only do these bags offer plenty of storage options but they keep valuables safe and secure. They also allow you to organise school stuff and maximise rucksack space.


Added Extras 

With some of the Dakine backpacks you get extra functions like external attachment straps (coats/hoodies that wont fit in the bag), fleece lined pockets for protecting stuff like sunglasses, adjustable sternum/ hip belts for added comfort and support. Then you can venture into more specialists backpacks (that could still double up as an awesome school bag) with functions like a skateboard carrying system, wet/dry compartments, breathable panels, rescue whistles, shovel pockets and hydration reservoirs with a bite valve; learning can be thirsty work!


The Board Basements Favourite School Backpacks:


Dakine Campus Backpack 33L

The clue is in the title, a perfect backpack for taking to a school campus. This bag has everything you might need from a bag with 4 distinct compartments: large top compartment with padded laptop sleeve (15”), a slim organiser pocket, a fleece lined sunglass pocket and an insulated cooler pocket. It also has mesh side pockets, an adjustable sternum strap, and a skateboard carrying system. This 33l bag is 53 x 36 x 28cm (21 x 14 x 11”) and comes in 2 different colours; Dark Navy and Orange. The best thing about this bag is its totally unisex!

 Dakine Campus Backpack Dakine Campus Backpack

Dakine Women's Cosmo Backpack 6.5L

This little backpack is perfect for those schoolers who don't need to take heaps of stuff with them. For example, pre schoolers just starting out, reception kids for “first day at school,'' college goers only needing a few essentials for University students going in for a half day or short lecture. Even though it's small in size, its big in what it gives you; secure pockets for keys/ cards/ phones, compartment for small books, pockets for snacks and drinks. Its light and easy to carry and durable and long lasting for those busy school days. This 6.5L bag is 12 x 9 x 3cm (30 x 23 x 8”) and we stock it 6 different colours from the 2019/18 range (Waimea, Melbourne, Night Flower, Melbourne Sand, Sunglow Canvas, Sand Dollar). These backpacks are aimed towards girls but doesn't mean boys cant use them too. 

 Dakine Cosmo BackpackDakine Cosmo BackpackDakine Cosmo BackpackDakine Cosmo Backpack

Dakine Atlas Backpack 25L Skateboard Rucksack 25L

This bag can hold everything apart from the kitchen sink. Actually, it could probably hold that too if you wanted. Heaps of space and lots of compartments, including zipped side pockets, fleece sunglass pocket and a laptop sleeve. This robust bag can also double up as a skate rucksack and has convenient hook and loop straps to attach your board. But this is also great to attach a raincoat that you aren't wearing! This 25L bag is 19.5 x 12 x 8cm (49 x 30 x 20”) and comes in three different colours (Pine Trees, Dark Navy and Rincon) and are also unisex. 

Dakine Atlas BackpackDakine Atlas Backpack

Dakine Atlas BackpackDakine Atlas Backpack

Dakine Atlas Backpack Dakine Atlas Backpack


Back To School They Go…..

Dakine Backpacks are renowned for having the coolest designs and colours making them really easy to distinguish from the rest of the 36485920 school backpacks thrown down onto the school football pitch. The amount that school bags go through (chucked on the toilet floor, thrown around the classroom, stuffed full of sweets from the tuck shop, used as cushions on the school bus etc), kids need a good old reliable bag that will stand the test of time/ school. Dakine backpacks deliver just that as they are some of the most robust backpacks on the market; a very good investment. The Board Basement has a huge choice of designs also mean there is something for everyone, no matter what your style. They can see you through all the life stages (shakey preschooler to wild University Student). 


Stand out from the class and get that gold star!

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