As snowboarders/ skiers/ mountain lovers have an invested interest to look after our environment. After all, if there is no more snow, there is no more skiing/ snowboarding. Picture Clothing is a completely eco-friendly clothing brand that does pretty unique and bold snow outerwear and apparel that sets you apart from the crowd. Its high end and superb quality, but the best part is, you know you are doing your bit in preventing climate change by choosing to wear Picture Organic Clothing

Picture Organic Clothing 

Picture Organic Clothing was started in 2008 by 3 friends, Julien, Jeremy and Vincent. They had grown up together in a little french town, skating. snowboarding and generally having a good time. They all went different ways as they got older but then found themselves drawn back together again as they realised they were all at the same crossroads in their lives…...ready to start and new and fulfilling challenge. Inspired by the skate and snowboard subcultures and its clothing, they wanted to create their own apparel brand: something that reflected their passions, something that was sustainable and something with a new and unique identity. 


Thus Picture was born. Bright, bold, baggy, Picture clothing makes a statement in not only its appearance but its core values. The name “Picture” was actually take from one of their favourite snowboard movies “Picture This”.


The guys had to learn everything from scratch (how to start a business, manufacturing, fabrics etc), but in only a few weeks they were setting up their first “headquarters”. By 2009 they had their collection in 70 stores across Europe and by 2016 they had 700 retailers across 30 different countries. And by 2019, well, they are pretty much just taking over the world.

So the big question- How do they make Picture Organic Clothing eco-friendly?

What Materials Are Picture Clothing Made With?

Did you know that the textile industry contributes to 8% of the world's carbon emissions? Picture has found alternative ways to make a snowboard jacket to your usual petroleum extraction, they have ventured off the beaten track. Picture products are made from 100% recycled, organic or responsibly sourced materials. Here is the break down…….84% of their cotton is organic and this reduces their carbon emissions by 46%. 69% of the polyester used is made from recycled bottles and this gives a 40% reduction in carbon emissions. Picture also recycle all of their offcuts/ waste bits of material and use the scraps as liners for their apparel and accessories. The nice thing about this is also no 2 products will be the same. Any wool or leather only come from happy and humanely treated animals and do not contain any toxic chemicals. Pictures main aim now is to totally wipe out using any petroleum-based materials by using plants to create new technical fabrics. Bio sourcing and using stuff like castor beans and sugar cane can help this. The main thing is that Picture is concerned with is making a product to last, that way you are only buying one. So you KNOW anything they make is going to be amazing quality. They also organise campaigns to repair old clothing (other brands included) rather than just buying a new one. 

 Picture Organic Clothing

How Is Picture Clothing Produced?

Picture have a commitment to labour and to make sure its a good working environment to all involved. They also to choose the right sources of energy for the production process. So instead of using fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) Picture like to use renewable energy (solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal). They use factories that operate this way and to be in touch with every stage of the process to make sure everyones happy. Costs are controlled at every stage to make sure that their products are a true alternative to conventional production methods. 

 Picture Organic Clothing

Positive Impact:

Picture also support other worthwhile causes that have the same beliefs as them about climate change and environment. This project is called “Picture For Good”. An example of companies they've been involved with are “WWF” (a company on the plight to permanently wipe out the use of fossil fuels) and “Beyond Boarding” ( a group of activists made up of skiers and snowboarders protesting against oil and natural gas extraction projects in British Columbia).


Picture Clothing Packaging:

Picture packaged 450,000 products a year to be shipped. They would like to create packaging to protect and ship their products, yes, but they would like to do this in a way that causes the least possible plastic pollution. They do use polybags BUT they control how they are made and more importantly, how they are disposed of. 

Picture Organic Clothing 

Company Culture:

This means everything involved with the people and culture of the company. Working for Picture gives you the chance to make a real difference. Picture only employ a small number of people ( 30 women and 26 men) and have 2x office buildings in France. This small team in itself reduces the impact on the environment. They only have a small fleet of company vehicles. All Pictures employees are given the opportunity to take part in the Picture Social Program (humanitarian or environmental project). You can also see on their website who made each piece of clothing and where, this supports the transparency in the textile industry. All the workers also work in an eco friendly office buildings AND Picture pay for their employees to do additional courses, anything from French classes to learning an instrument. 

 Picture Organic Clothing


Everyone (athletes, ambassadors) that Picture support all have the same values and are committed to taking action to the fight against climate change. Also the movies Picture produce all have these concepts behind them.



From the very beginning Picture made a commitment to never ship anything by plane. They have stuck to this. This reduces carbon emissions, amazing since they ship to over 40 countries worldwide. They use cargo ships and in the future, would like to use trains, as these are even cleaner and quicker than cargo ships. 

Picture Organic Clothing 

The Board Basements Favourites


There are so many awesome Picture products, but here are some of our favourites…..


Picture Mens Styler Snowboard Jacket 2020:


This snowboard jacket is a regular relaxed fit giving you freedom of movement whilst wearing it. It has an asymmetrical print design to it and comes in 2 different colour ways, both bright and bold. It comes in sizes S-XXL. Its 10k waterproofing and 10k breathability means it will see you through some solid days on the mountain. Other features include dryplay membrane, picture friends badge, hand gaiters, skipass pocket, chest pockets, critically taped seams, venting zippers, hood tightening, wrist tightening, snow skirt, green plus certified, PFC free durable water repellent, long term factory partnership. It has ratings of heat index 7/10. 80gr insulation, 41% recycled polyester and 59% polyester.

Picture Mens Styler Snowboard Jacket 2020Picture Mens Styler Snowboard Jacket 2020

Picture Mens Styler Snowboard Jacket 2020Picture Mens Styler Snowboard Jacket 2020

Picture Womens Mineral Snowboard Jacket 2020:


This beautiful womens snowboard jacket is a regular fit and has a longer back to help stop snow getting down your pants and for a flattering fit. It comes in pink and navy and in sizes S-L. It’s 10k waterproofing and 10k breathability to keep you warm and dry whilst shredding the mountain. Other features include dryplay membrane, teflon ecolite PFC free DWR treatment, thermal dry system, recovery lining program, YKK waterproof zipper, quilted upper body, underarm zippered vents, stretch snow skirt, jacket to pant interface, wrist gaiters, front cargo pockets, ski pass pocket, long term factory partnership, greenplus certified. It’s made out of 41% recycled polyester and 59% polyester with a heat index of 7/10. 

 Picture Womens Mineral Snowboard Jacket 2020Picture Womens Mineral Snowboard Jacket 2020

Picture Mens Track Snowboard pant 2020:


This is a regular fit snowboard pants that come with the amazing rating of 20k/15k waterproof/ breathability giving you the confidence in any condition. They are perfectly paired up with the Picture Track Jacket buy can do well with any Picture Jacket. They come in black and in sizes S-XL (Small - 29/31" Waist, Medium - 31/33" Waist, Large - 34/36" Waist, XL - 36/38" Waist). Other features include dryplay recyclable membrane, stretch waist gaiter, teflon ecoelite PFC-free DWR treatment, long term factory partnership, greenplus certified, fully taped seams,YKK Waterproof Zipper, Coremax Lining, Inner Thigh Zippered Vents, I-Fit System, Durable Edges Protection. Ratings include 5/10 warmth, 64% recycled polyseter, and 36 % polyester.

Picture Mens Track Snowboard pant 2020Picture Mens Track Snowboard pant 2020

Other Eco-Friendly Items

Picture don't just stick to snowboard apparel, they do many other products ranging from boardshorts, neck warmers, belts, wallets, shoes and helmets to camping gear! Each product with the same ethos. Also a huge range of dedicated surf gear. 

Picture Snowboard HelmetPicture Snowboard HelmetPicture Snowboard Helmet

Picture clothing has made every effort in every possible way to reduce the impact on the environment. By becoming a customer of Picture Organic Clothing, you will be doing your bit too.