Bern Helmets are all season helmets and can be used 365 days a year, from cold weather to warm weather. One helmet for all your action sports adventures by changing or upgrading the Helmet liner. Bern helmets are offered in unique, high quality constructions; Ultra lightweight and low profile Carbon Fiber, Bern’s exclusive Zip Mold, Bern’s Thinshell and The Hard Hat with Brock foam. Bern Helmets are uniquely designed for Men and Women’s with multiple shell sizes for premium fit and a larger size range for the Mens Helmets and smaller shell sizes with softer lines, feminine colours for the ladies. Bern Profile, Sink Fit, and Chine line features are carried across the entire head protection line to give you a thinner, lighter and lower profile helmet. At the Board Basement we have a large range of Bern helmets.
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