Body Glove

Body Glove was founded back in 1953 by twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell when they designed the first practical wetsuit. Bill Meistrell was offered the opportunity to buy into a local dive shop called Dive N' Surf by Bev Morgan. Bev owned the shop with Hap Jacobs, who later pioneered the modern surfboard. Jacobs wanted out and Bill accepted the offer on the condition that his brother Bob be brought in as the third partner. Bev agreed, Bob and Bill borrowed $1,800 from their mother, and each bought one-third of the business. To keep themselves afloat, the twins continued lifeguarding on a part-time basis.

Bill and Bob wanted to find a way to stay warm in the cold California water. They tried everything from wartime electrically heated flyers’ suits to wool sweaters that lasted only as long as they were dry. Finally, in 1953, they discovered an insulating material used in the back of refrigerators. With this “neoprene” the Meistrell brothers fashioned the first practical wetsuits, and Body Glove was born.

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