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Rome Snowboard Bindings Black Label 2020

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The Rome Black Label is a premium binding made with cutting edge industry frist composite materials in the highback, response for days and spilling over with customisation options

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The Rome Black Label is cream of the crop, the top of the pile, a stand alone flagship binding. It comes with Romes new composite highback which is incredibly lightweight but extremley durable as carbon highbacks can have a tendancy to crack and break. This new composite is super solid when pushed back to drive power immediately while still allowing some lateral flex meaning these aren't harsh like carbon. This means you can enjoy some top end tech with some give.

With excellent features like their new Auxgrip toe strap which is made up of auxetic shapes. Whats that? Auxetic shapes form joints at every point menaing the material is not stressed when formed. This is made from one piece of material so you get a very lightweight toe cap which forms to the shape of any boot and grips with ease, plus it looks really cool!

Tread on your straps? Sick of breaking them in the cold? All Rome bindings have a tension system to keep the strap out of the way so you dont stand on them when starpping in. Simply set the seperate stretchy PU strap and it will always pull out of the way when open, CLEVER!

The Vrod base plate is brand new for The Rome Black Label with the highest glass content in their range with 45% glass fibre added to stiffen the chassis for extra response. Vrod helps smooth this with zones of thicker and thinner foam, thicker under the binding from inside front to outside rear and thinner on the opposite two corners. This is there to allow the board to flex naturally without the binding creating a dead spot under foot. With this and a mini disk Rome get the hard contact area down to just 1.56%! Yes thats right just the outer ring of the chassis where it meets the disk touches the board for a really smooth ride and no dead spot. 

Rome are firm belivers that customisation matters. The Black label echos that Customise your bindings endlessly with the pivot mount max. Offering 64 different positions for the ankle strap to sit in so you can either drive more power, enable more tweak, position it further back for more tension or forward for a looser ride. Canting in the footbeds, canting in the highback (or not, you choose!), adjustable chassis and multi point footbed and ladder setups, customisation matters!

This is one hell of a binding packed full of tech and with the looks to match, a real winner! What more could you want?! How about a 2 year warranty on all parts? Yep no one in the industry offers that but Rome beleive in their product that much they do, highly reccomended!


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Key Features

  • AsymWrap Technology - Connects via two pints on the instep side of the chassis and one on the lateral side to deliver power with a surfy feel
  • Composite Highback - Romes highest end highback made of an industry first thermoplastic glass fivbre composite which transfers power incredibly well while still offering lateral flex and durability unlike carbon
  • Black Label Baseplate - Romes highest content of glass fibre chassis with 45% content for maximum response
  • Ultralight Ankle Strap - Oversized, non stitched, formed strap with ergonomic shape to give a strap with no pressure points
  • AuxGrip Toe Strap - Made from Auxetic shapes so as the toe cap stretches each point of the shape moves like a joint instead of stretching for maximum durability. these toecaps form to the boot and grip incredibly well
  • D30 V-Rod SubBase Pad - D30 for unparallelled vibration dampening, Vrod is different thicknesses of foam under foot to allow the board to flex more naturally and prevent a dead spot on the board with just 1.56% or hard plastic touching the board
  • PivotMount Max Technology - Provides 64 different options for the pivot mount to sit in. Move the Pivot mount into the upper position to hold more of the boot and drive more power. Move into into the lower postion for more tweak or move it to the rear postion for more tension in the strap
  • Tool-Free Yes, I Cant - Canted footbeds to give a more natural rider position, these come with nuetral and canted footbeds in the box
  • Cant in the back II - High back canting, one of the only brands offering this to match the angle of your stance and the canting in your footbed
  • Full highback Rotation with Channel adjuster - Allows you to match the highback to the heel edge of your board for better power transfer
  • Tool Free highback forward lean adjuster - Choose to lean or not to lean!



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