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Electric Masher Snowboard Goggles 2018 - Bones w Brose Gold Chrome + Bonus Choice Lens
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Electric Masher Snowboard Goggles 2018 - Bones w Brose Gold Chrome + Bonus Choice Lens

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Snowboard & Ski Goggles Guide

Snowboard & Ski goggles are essential for a good time on the mountain. Don't go riding without some form of eye protection. Goggles are obviously the best option. Without any form of eye protection, it can lead to snow blindness and is something you want to avoid.

Both goggles and sunglasses have to be 100% UV protective, even for low visibility conditions. Goggles should have double lenses and good ventilation to prevent fogging. All Goggles from The Board Basement are 100% UV protective, with double lenses and meets the standard criteria and are CE marked, unless specified in description.

If you wear a helmet you want to make sure that your goggles are compatible. You do not want a gap between the frame of the goggle and your helmet. We call this gap "the twat gap". Cold air blowing on your forehead and giving you a freezing point is really uncomfortable.

Goggles also come in different shapes and sizes to suit all face types and sizes. Use our filters to find the best Snowboard / Ski Goggle for you.


Depending on the light conditions you are riding in, you should change your lens accordingly. Most frame styles come with different types of lenses. A dark tinted lens is best for bright sunny conditions because Iridium coated or mirrored lens, optimises contrast and minimises glare. A yellow or rose tinted lens is best for low light (Dark / Whiteouts) as they increase definition. A clear lens is ideal for night riding or inside a "fridge"/"Snowdome". Even though the light is good inside an indoor slope, it is not the same kind of light as the sun provides you.

Goggle Care

The applied coating on the lens can easily get ruined if you do not take care. Below are some "DO NOT" points when it comes to goggle care.

  • Never dry your goggles on a radiator.
  • Never use your jacket, gloves or anything else to clean the lens. You should only use the provided micro fibre cloth or another proper lens cleaner or specific cloth to clean the lens.
  • Never use harsh detergents to clean, which may strip the iridium coating. Only use a very light detergent if needed.
  • Keep your goggles safely wrapped inside the micro fibre bag when not in use. If you do not have a micro fibre bag (most goggles comes with one) or you have lost it, you can use a fleece-lined beanie.

VLT (Visual Light Transmittance)

From 1-100%, the higher the percentage number, the more light will pass through the lens. A lens with 99% VLT will be clear whilst 1% will be very dark. Lighter tints have a higher VLT because more light passes through the lens. Darker lenses have lower VLT because less light passes through the lens.

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Electric Masher Snowboard Goggles 2018 - Bones w Brose Gold Chrome + Bonus Choice Lens

The Masher is an all new frame for the 2018 season with a very popular oversized look and clean rounded lines. The Masher is a little smaller than the classic EG2 and a little bigger than the EG2.5 filling the space between with a slick and stylish frame. As with those mentioned frames the Masher shares the same benefits of a wider peripheral vision and better clarity of vision through the spherical lens.

This is the Bones version of the Masher with gloss black frame for stealthy look and Bones graphic strap plus Electric scrawl logos on the inner strap. Plus these come with Electrics Brose lens which is great for all round light conditions whether it snows or is bright sunshine. The Brose is a combination of a bronze lens with a rose lens for great all round properties. This is the gold chrome version of the Brose lens with gold mirror finish to the already excellent Brose lens.

Freedom of choice 50% lens voucher included. This means you get a voucher in the box entitling you to a 50% discount on any spare lens either direct from Electric or through your local retailer. This way you get to choose your spare lens rather than getting stuck with a low light lens.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic Frame Design - Fits the contours of the face perfectly
  • Mould Injected Thermoplastic Urethane Frame (TPU) - Strong fexible Urethane frame
  • Oversized dual spherical injected polycarbonate lens - Classic oversized look
  • Super anti-scratch hard coating - Helps prevent scratches
  • Super A/R coating anti-reflective technology - Coats the inside of the lens to prevent reflections which you can see on the lens
  • Over the glasses compatible (OTG) - Fits over most glasses
  • Contoured triple layer face foam - Very comfy
  • 40mm strap with adjusters
  • Helmet compatible frame - suits most helmets
  • Microfibre gogglebag included
  • 50% Freedom of Choice Lens voucher included
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