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Lib Tech QQ Skate Moon

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Lib Tech QQ Skate Moon

The QQ Moon is a Quincy Quigg graphically designed deck with tons of tech rammed into it. From the full carbon sheet in the layup for 'Permapop' which does not fade to the 84 laminates which go into making the layup of the board. Yes we said 84! They range from vertically laid up laminates to your more traditional horizontal laminates all increase pop to your ollie and add so much more durability. Want to snap less boards? Buy a Lib Tech Skate deck.

Key Features

  • Cockroach Construction - Long lasting, tough, poppy boards
  • Exo-Skeleton (Outside): Rugged end grain Birch and rugged UHMW “anti razor tail” blocks
  • Impact resistant Birch outer rail wood
  • Guts (Inside): Light poppy renewable vertically laminated aspen inner core
  • Bi-Ax fiber pop enhancement spine holding It all together
  • Poppy, tough, environMENTALly friendly
  • Low VOC epoxy resin system
  • Semi Slick Plastihide bottom
  • Full carbon sheet for extra pop with no fade
  • Oval truckpower pocket for optimal strength over the truck


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