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Liquid Force Noodle Wakeboard 2018
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Liquid Force Noodle Wakeboard 2018

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Liquid Force Noodle Wakeboard 2018

All new for 2018! The new Liquid Force Noodle is a very different beast of a wakeboard being an asymmetric wakeboard with asymmetric sidecut. What the hell does that mean I hear you ask? This gives you a defined toe and heel sidecut allowing you to drive and initiate turns from your feet rather than a rail which is further from your center of gravity which creates a a shorter, quicker turning radius similar to a snowboard. as Liquid Force say ''A WAKEBOARD HAS NEVER FELT AS SIMILAR TO A SNOWBOARD AS THE NOODLE. PRESSES ON RAILS AND SLASHES ON THE WATER HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EASY AND FUN!''. This is due to the board having a sidecut just like a snowboard and a dedicated toe and heel sidecut tailored for how your knees and ankles flex to get the most out of the board. The Noodle is a cable park board and with the name comes a noodle-esque flex of soft and progressive 3 stage rocker. The progressive rocker is a mellow rocker between the feet gradually increasing as you get to the tip and tail. This gives easy presses especially when combined with the LF flex tips and softer flex. Add in a bevelled liquid rail sidewall for less hang ups and allowing flex in the sidewall to prevent blowouts and you know this will shred all you pot in front of it. Highly recommended and tons of fun.

Key Features
  • Asymmetric Sidecut Planshape - Defined toe and heel edge with different radius to allow much easier turns, carves and slashes
  • LF Exclusive FlexTrack - Flexing mounting track to allow natural board flex
  • Flex Zone Tips - Softer tip and tail for presses on rails and sliders
  • Full Wood Profiled Core - Tip to tail wood core for durability and response
  • Single Concave Hull - Finless single concave base
  • Biax Glass Layup - 2 layers of fibreglass laid up on opposed axis
  • Progressive, 3-Stage Rocker - Mellow between the feet increasing more as you move to the tip and tail
  • Beveled Liquid Rail Sidewall - Bevelled to help prevent rail hang ups and flexing sidewalls to avoid blow outs
  • Exclusive Sintered Grind Base - Sintered for fast slides and extra durability being more robust

Technical features:

SIZE 142

LENGTH 55.9" WIDTH 142 cm 15.6" 39. ROCKER 7 cm 2.8" 7.0 cm STANCE RANGE 22.5" - 26.5" 57.1 - 67.3 cm RIDER WEIGHT 120 - 180 lbs 40 - 82 kg CORE Wood

SIZE 146

LENGTH 57.5" WIDTH 146 cm 16.0" 40. ROCKER 7 cm 2.9" 7.3 cm STANCE RANGE 23.0" - 27.0" 58.4 - 68.6 cm RIDER WEIGHT 160 - 230 lbs 72 - 105 kg CORE Wood



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