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Ronix Kinetik Project Springbox 2 Wakeboard 2019

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Ronix Kinetik Project Springbox 2 Wakeboard 2019

The 2019 Ronix Kinetik Springbox 2 is the ultimate cable park board. It gives you tons of pop, plenty of speed, nimble and quick on the water and flex on rails all in one board. Its badass! Ronix Pro rider Dominik Hernler has put his name to this board for years for good reason, it really rips! Ronix's Kinetik Springbox 2 profile is a clever old thing, it allows the tips to flex so you can press away till your hearts content but still has tons of response and snap back when you want to pop out. How do they do this? A few ways starting with the 3D wood in the core, this you can see through the base, they basically flip the wood make it end grain to face the base to give more flex plus those rippled sections on the topsheet allow the board to flex more too. the end grain wood flexes easily but then wants to spring back, Ronix then add hollow fibreglass rods in the tip and tail allow it to accentuate the spring back and pop, clever hey! So when you press and need to pop high to get your spin out the Kinetik has you covered. The mellow continuous rocker on the Springbox 2 allows the Kinetik to sit higher in the water too to make it turn quick and responds quickly exactly when you want it to. Ronix compliment this with their speedwalls which give much more top water speed to keep the board nimble and agile. Ronix's speedwalls are also made from Urethane which can flex which gives the board a protective bumper all around the edge and tip and tail to protect against obstacle impact damage. Plus this is the only board in anyones line which comes with a 6 month warranty! (you must register this with Ronix). Normally as soon as you hit a kicker or rail the warranty is void but not with the Kinetic, this tells you a little about the boards quality. If you want pop off the kickers, snap out of your presses and flex to your rails the Kinetik does it all. Tried and tested by us and we can vouch it shreds!

Key Features

  • Springbox 2 profile - Softer in the tip and tail with hollow fibreglass rod flex zones visible on the top sheet (rippled effect)
  • Advanced Park board - If you want top end cable park progression this is the one
  • Continous Rocker - Designed to sit higher in the water so it moves quicker and responds quickly
  • Soft flex in tip and tail (85 in centre 58 in tip and tail) - Pres till your hearts content!
  • Fibreglass Rods - Visible on the top sheet these allow the board to flex but then react back so the board stays lively when softer
  • Speedwalls - Vertically poured Urethane for more top water speed and helps prevent impact damage from obstacles
  • G&R Technology - For excellent balance between traction and glide through the water
  • Springbox Profile - softer tip and tail with hollow fibreglass rods for pop and response
  • 3D Wood - End grain palownia set into the core on its end for flex with pop
  • Sintered Base - Glides fast and super durable
  • Magic Carpet topglass and base - Durable and allows more rsin to bead through
  • M6 inserts
  • TPU Graphic Topsheet


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