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Ronix One Timebomb Wakeboard 2019

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Ronix One Timebomb Wakeboard 2019

The One has been around for a long time designed in conjuction with pro rider Danny Harf and is still one of the best boat boards out there by a long shot. It has stayed on the same principals of the original board from 2006 but with new innovations along the way. The One Timebomb makes loads of extra pop off the wake thanks to the hollow carbon stringers which run through the board. These are light thanks to them being carbon and hollow and mean the board wont feel harsh on heavy landings like some stiff boards out there. The One Timebomb is light thanks to the air core 3 core profile too made up of a lighter PU material and full wrapped monocoque construction, yes like in supercars! This makes the traditional weak point of the flash line on a wakeboard, wraps it in high end fibre glass and makes it the now strongest point of the board. This blends into the speedwalls with less drag in the water and more glide. This is a board which sits higher in the water making it feel really nimble and make turn in quick, with this you can take less angle at the wake aand still have the same results. This one is a board which can take you to new heights quite literally, fast on the water, loads of snap off the wake thanks to the 3 stage rocker easy release and glide. Danny Harf has ridden this board since 2006 and put his name to it proudly and it still continues to innovate and push the boundaries to this day. Epic board!

Key Features

  • Advanced boat board
  • Timebomb construction - Pu core with monocoque carbon fibreglass tub construction, high end!
  • 3 stage rocker - For huge snap off the wake
  • Instant energy 9/10 - Ready to rock and roll exactly when you want it
  • Fuse stringers - hollow carbon stringers run through the board for serious pop without making theboard harsh to ride
  • Speedwalls - Vertically poured Urethane creates more top water speed and a solid protective bumper
  • 4 fibreglass 1.0'' fins & .8'' fibreglass free agent fins
  • Magic carpet top glass - High end fibre glass for more response and pop
  • I-Beam - Additional layer for the snappiest ride off the wake
  • M6 inserts
  • Mod Pour Foam - PU foam light and durab;e
  • Air core 3 - Light! Strong!
  • Magic Carpet base glass - High end fibre glass and resin for max adhesion
  • Low friction base sheet - Fast throught the water with less drag


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